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Veja essas celebridades e quem são seus parceiros que elas escolheram para a vida

Even with the exchange of couples that we are used to seeing, some celebrities managed to find their soulmates. Some of them are also from the artistic world, others are just mere mortals like us. We’ve prepared a list of celebrities who took a well-aimed arrow from Cupid and are living in an eternal climate of romance. Come with us and say whether or not you ship these couples.

Mayra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar

This couple here is more of those who live what we call a roller coaster relationship, because it’s full of ups and downs. Their marriage was going very well, until they announced their separation in 2020. And it was with everything they were entitled to, cheating rumors, barbs on social media and so on. But after some time apart, they talked and decided to give love one more chance. In early 2021, they got back together and seem to be living happier than ever.