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Not Your Average Doom Prepper: Neighbors Thought This Man Was Crazy When He Dug A Hole In His Backyard, But He Became The Envy Of The Block

One of the great things about buying your own property is being able to do whatever you want with it. Some people choose to build houses three stories high, while others build refreshing pools in their backyards. And then there’s this guy. He had a project in mind that left all his neighbors puzzled.

When Wayne Martin began digging a huge hole in his backyard, people wondered if he had gone insane. Sure, it looked like that, but make no mistake; by the time he finished his project, everyone in the neighborhood wanted a hole just like his. Let’s find out what was so special about Wayne’s hole in the ground…

So You Got A Hole In Your Backyard…

When Wayne started digging in his backyard, no one thought anything of it at first. But the hole got bigger and bigger until it became an enormous rectangular hole that looked like it could fit an immense swimming pool. Was he planning to try out for the Olympics? He seemed a bit old for that.

Wayne’s neighbors looked on with curiosity as for some reason he covered the bottom of the hole with gravel. For a while, they couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but they began to have an inkling when a certain object appeared in his backyard.

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