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49 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands: Which Celeb Island Is Your Vacation Dream?

Because celebrities have millions in their pockets, living a life of luxury is really inevitable for them. They love spending their cash on clothing, sports cars, luxury yachts, and jets. Some celebrities go the extra mile and even acquire their very own island.

While many of them make such purchases so that they can have their own private getaway from the city, sometimes celebrities like to invest their cash and put up their own luxurious resort. Here are some of the most famous names in Hollywood who are island owners.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé – The Bahamas, $4 Million

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a massive joint net worth that we bet that they can afford anything they want. As of 2019, Jay-z owns approximately $1B on his own, while Beyoncé’s fortune is estimated at $355M. This makes JAy-Z the first-ever rapper to become a billionaire.

The couple loves giving each other lavish gifts and an example of this is Jay-Z’s fifth-year anniversary gift to his wife which was a $4-million island in the Bahamas. It’s not the first outrageous gift he’s made to her, as he’s also purchased her a super-rare Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, among others.