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Trump Says Everyone Thinks He Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

Ever since President Trump ascended into office, he’s been making headlines on the Internet due to his controversial statements and policies to restore America’s glory. Most people lamented his implementation of derogating policies, especially about immigration. Trump had sparked the ire of the public on few occasions, and the Republican party is incredibly concerned about the President’s diminishing popularity due to the back-to-back scandals and controversies he faces.

His steady decline in surveys of public support may put their party at a disadvantage in the upcoming US midterm election. However, it seems Trump remains unperturbed about it. If anything, he claimed he still enjoys the American’s tremendous support. In fact, he claims everyone thinks he deserves to win a Nobel Peace Prize award for his notable cause of making peace with North Korea! However, the President wants grander results or compensation for his heroic cause.

Victory for the World

All nations around the world are turning their eyes on two giant forces to witness the historic meeting event of two world leaders, particularly, the United States and North Korea. Everyone is hopeful that the first ever meeting will finally lead to the long-lasting world peace we wish. Aside from that, everyone anticipates the deactivation of nuclear weapons’ production as well as its research facilities.

Contrary to everyone’s wishes for him to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump once said while holding a Cabinet meeting at the White House, that he’s solely focusing on finishing the agreement he started with North Korea on their upcoming meeting

If North Korea is genuine with making peace, this can put an end to the 4-decade Cold War between North and South Korea and finally unify the two countries under one Korean peninsula. Coincidentally, this is what Trump envisions when he says he wants a “victory” for the world. For him, that’s the greatest prize he wants not only for himself but also for the world because he believes the world deserves everlasting peace.

The Nobel Peace Prize

The said prestigious award is one of the six awards given annually by the Nobel Committee. The candidates are usually announced in October and the winner to be awarded after two months. If Trump were to emerge victorious for the said award, he’d be the fifth US President to receive such prestigious title.

The said award is usually bestowed annually on December 10, in honor of the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel

He’ll be in line with past Presidents like Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. The said speculations of including the President in the nomination list started when he attended a recent campaign rally in Michigan and he discussed his efforts in North Korea. The crowd then started chanting “Nobel, Nobel” in which the President replied with a genuine smile and thanked everyone for their kind and nice gesture.

The Highly Anticipated Meeting

Aside from the crowd, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea said that Trump will be worthy to receive such prestigious award. He reiterated that the only thing the world needs now is peace, and Trump is about to have it happen for the first time. Meanwhile, Trump said last Wednesday that he’s very optimistic about his upcoming meeting with the North Korean leader.

The Blue House, which represents the South Korean presidential office, released a statement last April after the White House announced Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un

While he said that anything, such as good and bad things, can happen in the meeting, he believes that both parties will be willing to compromise and negotiate for a deal. And he feels it’s going to be a very successful deal. He even promises the United States will help North Korea to become a great and rich country if they decided to give up nukes.

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