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Talking to Your Lawyer for Five Minutes a Day Can Actually Change Your Life!

As the world evolves, so does time pass you by. And in this passage of time, you’re bound to experience some teething troubles along the way. Some of these complications might arise from a legal standpoint, and being unprepared for them might be calamitous. Especially if you don’t have instant access to an experienced lawyer.

Hence, it’s paramount that we actively communicate with our lawyers at least five minutes a day. Here’s how such a simple activity will benefit you in real-time and in the long run.

You get to understand the law better

You didn’t choose law as your career, but you still live in a world that’s governed by laws left, right, and center! And frankly speaking, not having the vaguest idea about the law or the constitution is one of the gravest mistakes any learned citizen can make.

Every citizen should know the constitution, his/her rights, and the laws that govern his/her State

In fact, having the law at your fingertips is a powerful tool in itself. You get to know your rights, and straightaway spell them out whenever you feel your constitutional freedoms are being violated. Furthermore, you get to comprehend the vital decisions that law-makers in your state are executing, and how they will impact you as an individual. So, whenever you’re unsure about the meaning of a given law, you should always contact your lawyer for a proper definition.

Failure to communicate with your lawyer is actually an expense in itself

You might be thinking, an expense, but how? To understand this, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. Suppose you get involved in a criminal case; which means there is a high chance you might find yourself facing a jail sentence. Alternatively, you could be involved in a civil case, and perhaps, you don’t have a qualified lawyer around. Both circumstances will inevitably result in massive financial dents.

However, having a lawyer promptly respond to your case means that you can avert such circumstances. In fact, there are even some attorneys who don’t receive a dime from you until you have won your case!

Lawyers Can REALLY Help You!

If you’re not a lawyer, then you might find it difficult to handle all the complexities of filing legal documents, such as deadlines as well as the protocols that you have to follow. In fact, one incorrect filing could ultimately cost you a major case! So, don’t ever hesitate to give your lawyer a phone call whenever you’re in the process of undertaking a complex legal activity.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Stay out of Trouble

The sages have been saying it for centuries: Prevention is the best form of cure. Applying this proverb from a legal standpoint, communicating with your lawyer can mean the difference between a life behind bars, or getting to witness your children’s graduation ceremony.

Legal advice from a lawyer can help you avoid bad decisions and unwarranted jail time

For example, whenever you feel you might be getting yourself into an illegal agreement, take a step back. Then call your lawyer first and convey all the particulars of the given deal. If he or she sounds a little hesitant, take time to listen to their words of counsel. Let them explain to you all the legal consequences that might follow. After this, you can decide whether to proceed with the agreement or decide to terminate it altogether.

Communicating with Your Lawyer is a Free Consultation in Itself

Having a lawyer as a friend helps you familiarize with all the conformities of the law

If you happen to have a close friend as a lawyer, then calling them at least 5 minutes a day is a free consultation. You can always take their advice on some certain legal aspects of your life. And since the two of you are buddies, he or she won’t mind assisting you with the subtle particulars of some legal procedures. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm them with too much legal content, otherwise, it would be polite to reward them for their services.

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