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Are You a Millenial Struggling with Financial Insecurity? Here are a Couple of Tips That Might Help

Let’s face it- living through a pandemic lockdown was the last thing we expected for 2020 to bring our way. Yet, here we are, forced to be locked up in our homes, bidding farewell to our pricey lifestyles.

One might think that this is the perfect opportunity to start saving as much money as possible. After all, there are no daily trips to Starbucks, no dinner plans with friends, or even weekly night-outs to bars and pubs. With all the money that we aren’t able to spend, surely we must be getting richer, right?


Sadly, in the last couple of months, despite being locked in their homes for weeks on end, most millennials aren’t noticing a rise in their savings. So, what must we do in order to get richer, one might question desperately. Well, as overrated as they might sound, here are a few financial tips on how to save more money.

1. Design a budget and follow it religiously.

Unsplash | Smart budgeting will help you save to your maximum potential

First and foremost, you must figure out how much you make on a monthly basis and decide how much you would like to spend and save each month. For this, you would need a simple budget plan. Note down all your essential expenses, down to the most minor of details like your unnecessary coffee habits. Decide how much you would like to spend each month and stick to the budget plan you make. If you ask us, leave out as many unnecessary items as possible. 

2. The best investment is YOU!

Unsplash | Investing in yourself will be helpful in the long-term

As young adults, we often tend to take a leap without thinking about what might be waiting for us at the other end. When you’re at a crossroads, trying to decide whether to opt for higher education or to learn a new skill, it’s always best to weigh the pros and cons.

Ask yourself important questions like, which road will help me achieve my goal faster? Will a certain road cause me to be indebted for an extended period of time? Invest in yourself in the manner that you deem best. University might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but none of us can succeed in life and earn as much as we desire without having at least one major skill. 

3. Your credit card might just be your best friend

PIXABAY | Your credit card could be the key to fulfilling your life goals

Pay no heed to what the older generation might be telling you about the dark side of credit cards. There might be no better financial tool than your credit card. You don’t need us to explain to you the importance of a good credit score. All your major life goals depend on how good your credit score is, from taking out a loan to getting your dream car and even your dream house!

Remember, there is nothing bad about spending your money, as long as you aren’t throwing it away for unnecessary things.

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