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Clever Ways You Can Lower Your Car Insurance Cost Without Breaking Any Laws

Many drivers are prone to making mistakes when it comes to insuring their vehicle and these might mean facing huge fines in the future. What more, these same errors lead to drivers being left uncovered and prone to troubles when the time for claiming comes.

However, there are also drivers who are purposefully trying to trick the system in the hopes of getting a lesser car insurance premium.

Common Offences

One of these people’s go-to trick is something called ‘fronting’. This simply means writing down another person as the main driver of a car. Fronting reportedly often happens with younger drivers who put the name of their parents on their policy. It’s worth noting that the practice of fronting is illegal whether done intentionally or not.

There are also drivers who purposefully leave out important information like unclaimed convictions or previous claims. While most insurers would recognize honest oversights and mistakes, those who are caught lying just to get cheaper car insurance may risk getting a criminal record should their lie be caught in the event of a crash.

Legal Alternatives

Thus, Mark Allen from the Association of British Insurers advises people to just do their due diligence and shop around for the right policy at the lowest possible price. Besides, there are many other completely legal ways to lower one’s car insurance.

Adding a Driver

Having a secondary driver added to your car insurance can save you money because they can push down the price of your policy’s premium

Instead of resulting in fronting, people can just add another driver to their current policy. Just note that you should have permission from the person before you can add them. Your chosen secondary driver should also preferably have a good no-claims record and a ‘clean’ driver’s license.

Switch Insurance Policies

Another way you can save some bucks on your car insurance is by looking for a better quote some weeks before you’re about to renew your current one. Auto-renewing your old policy will probably cost you more than just switching to a new one.

Be Honest About Your Job

Remember that inaccurately describing your current job is considered fraud and might get you prosecuted

Experts also recommend drivers to truthfully declare their job title. But they also warn that certain job positions may result in more expensive premiums. For example, a chef would fetch a higher premium compared to people who work as kitchen hands. The more high-paying your job is, the higher the chances of you paying more car insurance.

Reducing Cover

Removing certain types of cover from your policy will also reduce the price of your insurance. This list includes things like the cover when driving in a foreign country, windscreen cover and breakdown cover. Just think twice about which things you’ll remove before doing so.

Pay In One Go

Paying upfront can save people around $76

If you can afford to pay for your premium in one go, definitely choose to go that route. Doing so would save you money because you will no longer to pay for interests on the premium.

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