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Hey, PowerPuff Lady! Vanquish the Odds in Your Legal Career with These Success Strategies

Obtaining a career in law is challenging as it is, but if you’re a woman, the struggle increases manifold. Well actually, this isn’t new; it has been happening ever since God created Eve.


August de Richelieu/Pexels | Women in the legal field are often underpaid, but it shouldn’t have to be this way

In the legal industry, women have come a long way, and yet, there’s still a long way to go. Statistically speaking, there are more than 40% practicing female lawyers in Canada, but less than 10% of them have been able to become ‘partners’ as compared to the 23% of male lawyers.

The common odds faced by them being inequality in salary and underpayment. But this shouldn’t demotivate you to pursue this career; instead, it should arm you with great strategies to thrive in this profession. 

For your convenience, we’ve narrowed down some of them that have been suggested by successful women in this field.

#1 – It’s all about networking!

One thing that seems absolutely vague in family togethers but is highly necessary in the field of law, is networking. Pioneering women lawyers consider this to be the key to success and urge you to start practicing this early on in your career. Building a network not only helps you gain that mutual support, but together you can strive to achieve more. 


Brooke Cagle/Unsplash | Building a network not only helps you gain that mutual support, but together you can strive to achieve more

#2 – Find a guiding angel for yourself

While you’re starting out, finding a mentor can prove to be supremely advantageous in your career progression. Try to find someone who has been working in this field for years and therefore has sufficient expertise to guide you. You can choose a female mentor who effortlessly balances her work and personal life and can thereby be your perfect embodiment. However, you can also go for a male mentor.  

#3 – Change your job if you feel it’s holding you back

Yes, changing jobs isn’t as easy as pie. It comes with stress, insecurity, and constant thoughts of how-would-my-resume-look. But if you aren’t leading a happy job life and you constantly feel that something’s missing or holding you back in your current firm, isn’t it wise to look for other options? Finding a firm that ticks off your goals and encourages you to fly high should be your main concern. For that, even if you have to change numerous times, do it unhesitatingly.  

To wrap it up

Women have always been trammeled, confined, and saddled with the weight of society’s expectations. Even in the four walls of their homes, life hasn’t ever been easy for them. They’ve sniveled and wailed to break the cage and fly away. Thankfully, today women are flying planes, fighting cases in the courtroom, acing board meetings, battling social stigma, and doing much more. So why should they be the ones to lose out when it comes to opportunities and pay scale?

Remember, people around you will always be there to discourage and hinder your progress. But you’re a woman and you can do everything!

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