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Hate Your Current Law Job? Don’t Worry, You Can Still Use It to Build a Career You Can Be Proud Of

Millennials,aka people born between the years 1981 and 1996, reportedly comprise the majority of America’s workforce. Known for their desire in seeking purpose in the work they do, most of them remain unfortunate as they continue to struggle to find this purpose.

Thus, a lot of them end up getting stuck in jobs they hate or feel no passion for. Surely, this is not an ideal situation and you may be experiencing something like it in your current legal field job as well. But ‘serial entrepreneur’ and media executive Beth Haggerty believes that people can still use their current employment as a means to build a career they’ll love.

This is how:

Learning from the Good and the Bad

Don’t discount boring or bad days at work as long as you’re learning something valuable for yourself

Speaking from her personal experience and years holding various job positions, Haggerty says that all her previous jobs actually contributed in some way in equipping her with the proper skills to perform her current job as a successful CEO. This applies to both the jobs she liked and the ones she just took because of the financial benefits.

She also advised people who may be unhappy with their current work to make mental notes of the brief moments when one feels excited or passionate about something. This would allow people to build more of these into their future career. Similarly, the boring and monotonous aspects of one’s current job can still be useful as long as they were spent in learning something new.

Building a Team

Working with a team now would help one hone their leadership skills and prepare for possibly holding higher job positions in the future.

Say, you’re currently working at a law firm specializing in an area of law you’re not that interested in, you can divert your efforts and energy towards building a team instead. According to Haggerty, this involves getting the right people together to work on turning ideas into something bigger. Doing so would not only help you grow as a leader but probably also help you get used to making tough decisions along the way.

Taking Risks

Don’t be afraid to try to take on roles at work which comes with more responsibilities.

Haggerty also advises those unhappy with their current work to take risks and embrace roles which might push them beyond their comfort zone. This is because the ability to be creative and flexible will be needed in doing impactful work no matter what field one is in now and where they want to be in the future.

What more, facing challenges and winning over them will only build one’s resilience and give them the skills to solve the bigger problems ahead. In the end, Haggerty tells people who are not in love with their career not to worry as they can gain ‘superpowers’ from the challenges they’re facing in their work now.


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