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Best Physical Therapy Tools You Can Use To Treat Injuries

Whether you’re recuperating after an accident or an athlete who just overworked and strained body muscles, there’s no doubt that dealing with injuries can be a hassle. Not only you’re unable to move a part of your body the way you want but your routines and even your career are deeply affected. How can we overcome our injuries and get our body functioning the way it used to? Here are the best physical therapy tools you can use to treat your injuries effectively.


NordicTrack is an All-purpose Tool for Your Physical Therapy

NordicTrack is an all-purpose tool for your physical therapy.

You might’ve heard that NordicTrack is an effective exercise system for those who want to lose weight, but it’s also a great physical therapy tool for those who are injured. It helps the patient develop the strong muscle or a part of the body lost to the injury, their stamina, and coordination. What’s great about this tool is that it doesn’t pressure or fasten healing process. You can adjust the tensions on your arms and skis according to your levels of development. The smooth gliding motion and low-impact workout make it easier for you to perform the necessary workouts and movements, without causing discomfort to your injured body. It’s perfect for the seniors and patients to recuperate from an injury.

Treatment Tables

Thanks to ScripHesco, You Can Now Assess Your Patient's Medical Performance While Lying in a Comfortable Platform

Thanks to ScripHesco, you can now assess your patient’s medical performance while lying on a comfortable platform.

If you’re a physical therapist, you might find it difficult to provide treatment tables for your patients. This is because most professional treatment tables are expensive to buy and you need to ensure its durability. It needs to be sturdy enough to support heavy patients and you also need to have a lot of padding to ensure that your patients are comfortable while you’re doing an assessment. You also need to make sure not to put unnecessary stress on the injured part when your patient sits on the surface for longer periods. Well, good thing that  ScripHessco offers various treatment tables designed for multiple medical uses. This treatment tables will provide the necessary paddle and comfort while you’re doing an assessment. What’s more? It’s more affordable than the other treatment tables on the market.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy Is Commonly Used to Identify Your Injured Parts and Treat Them

Ultrasound therapy is commonly used to identify your injured parts and treat them.

You might raise your eyebrows upon hearing it because there’s no way that an ultrasound can be used in our physical therapy, right? Ultrasound is only for those who are pregnant. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. This ultrasound therapy is getting popular in the physical therapy world. It helps you identified your injured areas where blood flow is poor or when your blood vessels are stressed, cracked, or fractured. Ultrasound therapy is commonly used to treat the following injuries:

  • Tightness or contracture of the joints
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Ligament injuries and sprains
  • Strains and tears of the muscles
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis


IsoKinetics Enables You to Improve Your Flexibility Through Resistance Exercise

Isokinetic enables you to improve your flexibility through resistance exercise.

This physical therapy tool is commonly used for those patients who lost a muscle mass or growth in major parts of the body due to accidents. It also helps to improve your flexibility by applying resistance during strength exercise. If you’re looking for isokinetic devices like theraband tubes or resistance bands,  PerformanceHealth is your best option. They offer various equipment and tools based on your strength, allowing you to customize your resistance and exercise based on your healing process and capability. Your physical therapist can also help you calibrate your tools based on your performance.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS Is Used to Rebuild The Basic Tone and Strength of your Injured Muscles

EMS is used to rebuild the basic tone and strength of your injured muscles.

EMS is commonly used by patients who suffered a severe injury due to fatal accidents. This device helps promote your muscle growth to fight off muscle atrophy while you’re unable to move your body. It allows your muscles to feel despite its partial paralysis. This tool is commonly used by a physical therapist during the first stages of your rehabilitation when traditional exercise is not an option.  DJO Global sells various electrical muscle stimulation devices according to your customized needs.

Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Is Great for Those Patients Who've Lost their Footing and Movements

Exercise Bike is great for those patients who’ve lost their footing and movements.

If you’re an athlete and you injured your foot, ankle, or leg, then this Exercise bike is the right therapy tool for you. This invaluable tool helps you to build stamina and strength around your injured parts without discomfort.  Theracycle provides a wide selection of simulation exercises you can go through. What’s great about this tool is that after you’re done with your session, it will provide real-time feedback that allows you to assess your current health and fitness level. This will give you an estimated overview of your performance throughout the rehabilitation process.

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