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Worried about Your future? Make Your Quarantine Productive by Stepping up Your Career Game!

The coronavirus pandemic has upheaved the entire world, and so, it may seem like it has also uprooted your future. Your college education is left incomplete, university admissions have been frozen, and the annual career fair in town has been delayed indefinitely. It sure is a bleak future! But, you can convert it into an opportunity whether you are a student or an employee.

Unsplash | Just stressing about your future will get you nowhere.

You can still gain success during these tough times if you tweak your plans a little.

Raise your bar by updating your CV

Due to your busy schedules pre-COVID, you might not have been getting enough time to update your CV– now is the perfect time to do that. Along with that, you can learn several new skills that can upgrade your CV and improve your chances of landing a good employment opportunity. Focus on the skills that are valued in your career and learn them to seek career advancement.

Unsplash | Pen down all the changes that are required of you and start working on it, stat

Enroll in Online Courses

If you’re one of those students who were eagerly anticipating the start of your university education but have found the world frozen, don’t despair. Find an online education forum to enroll in for cheap or free degrees and certifications from reputable universities in any field of your choice. In fact, there is no better way because it allows you to save conveyance costs and study at your house’s comfort. You also have the luxury of studying at any time of your choice so if you are nocturnal in nature, well then, you can study throughout the night and snooze during the day.

Go online with your dream profession

Most people prefer doing jobs, but being your own boss is not that bad after all. Now is the time to lay the foundation of a business that you have dreamt of pursuing all along. As you’re working from home, you’re saving your travel time, which can be invested in kickstarting a profession of your liking. It can be anything from designing a website or clothing range to painting a portrait. Just create a website or an online business page on social media.

A lot of trade has shifted to the online platform in the wake of the corona outbreak, which is abstaining people from stepping out unnecessarily. Start selling your own products and services and getting it home delivered. It would not only polish your skills and bring you extra income but, it may also open new realms for you- realms of being an entrepreneur and being accountable to no boss.

Unsplash | Play it smart and you might be set to appear for your dream job interview in no time!

All in all stay positive

Most people cry over the misery brought by the COVID-19. However, if we think and plan wisely, we would realize that it’s a blessing in disguise, forcing us to discover our potential and making us self-accountable. The lockdown is testing our determination to succeed and putting a spotlight on alternate ways of gaining an education. It all depends on whether you are willing to grab the opportunity and invest these months on self-enrichment.

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