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Top 7 Challenges Only A Law Student Can Understand

Let’s have a look at Top 7 challenges every Law student will have to face during his study years that other people simply don’t understand:

1- You will have to save up hundreds of dollars in order to apply. You will be applying to 7-12 schools, which will cost from $50 to 100 per application. And taking LSAT exam will cost you an additional $180. Moreover, you will have to sign up for the CAS (Credential Assembly Service), which will send your application materials to various schools you are applying to, which has its own fees. If you have applied to 10 schools, you are looking at paying $1,200 in fees. Additionally, if you have decided to take the LSAT prep course, then add at least $1,000 more to that total.

2- Making a business-casual wardrobe is not as easy as you think. Although it might be more easy for guys since all they have to do is put on their black pants and a button-down shirt. However, for girls, there is no certain definition for it. You don’t want to look old-fashioned, however, you also don’t want to look like as if you have just stepped out of the juniors’ section. You can look at what your classmates are wearing to figure out what styles you can choose and what you definitely would not want to emulate.3- While most of your friends are busy living their lives, you will probably be preparing for your next exam. Although people do understand that law schools demands big commitment, however, they don’t always realize how busy your life becomes once you have taken admission in law school.  Your friends might always ask you to come home for the weekend which in most cases won’t happen since you’re already behind with the studies. Only a law student knows that their heart always wishes to be functioning as an adult in this real world rather than paying to go to law school, but they also understand that in future it will eventually be worth it.

4- You can not work for a full-time job, so blowing on unnecessary things is, in fact, out of the question. The American Bar Association has regulated how many hours a law students can work. Although the maximum limit for the full-time students is 20 hours a week, some law schools don’t permit first-year students to work at all unless they don’t receive a special permission.

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It’s normally enforced on an honesty policy so that there are not individuals hovering on your work hours. However, law school, especially in your first year, is similar to a full-time job that unfortunately, you have to take home along with you. Your grades are really important if you are looking to get into some big firm. 

5- If you are thinking to take a debt, then you’re really taking a risk. A lot of individuals have a misconception that if you are going to get your bachelor’s degree from law school you will soon be driving a Range Rover. We also know that is quite possible that you’re graduating with minimum $80,000 in debt ( shocking!!) so it’s not going to happen till you firmly stand. All you can do is work hard and hope that it will eventually lead to a high-paying career that can help in waiving your debt.

6- You definitely can not get away with removing your reading assignments like you did in undergrad. Reading a casebook is entirely a different experience from reading a textbook. It’s considered that when you initially start a law school, it often takes an hour to read anywhere from 3 to 10 pages. And you are getting 50 pages of reading each night, also two other classes for which you have to prepare. Thankfully, the more experience you develop in reading casebooks, the faster you will get through them.

  1. And the last the most important thing to keep in mind is that having a love life is a luxury. If you are that lucky one who has an understanding partner then you surely have some real life or else you will be dating a coffee mug during those late night study hours. Only a law student knows what it’s like to have a life in the midst of silent books!!

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