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How to Think Like a Lawyer?

Lawyers from all over the world are known for being incredibly clever in many ways. One of the reasons is because they spend years and years studying about every single thing they have to know about the law, and there are thousands of them. That is why most people admire how a lawyer thinks, however, according to lawyers themselves, once you learn how to think like one, there is no turning back.

Your view of the world will change, and you have no choice but to expect that. A lot of people want to learn how to think like a lawyer or to simply get into a lawyer’s mind and see the way he or she thinks without having to go through law school and bar exams, that is why we have gathered some tips on how to think like a lawyer.


The IRAC method is one of the most commonly used methods in law school when it comes to analyzing legal questions. It stands for Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion.

According to law students, using this method, it will help you organize the important matters when it comes to analyzing a legal situation. This is the most coming format used by students when answering hypothetical questions in bar exams.


Whatever career path you’re heading, whatever organization you want to be a part of, the most important thing for you to have is the knowledge about how and why things are done. Once you learned that part, it will be easier for you to understand how things must go and it will be easy for you to demonstrate your competence, especially when it comes to looking for some loopholes for your own advantage. Keep in mind that a lawyer is always observant and skeptical, you must know every single detail about your case, even the weaknesses so that you would know how to defend it.


Thinking of a strategy is very important, however, good lawyers never go to battle unprepared, so you must always have a back-up. It is best to look at the situation in every angle, know where they could attack you so you could counter attack right away. Having multiple backup plans will definitely help you win.


Lawyers are unfortunately known to be liars, which is not exactly the case at all times. Some lawyers just know how to manipulate facts for their own advantage, which is of course not lying. In order to think like one, you must know your way with word by being incredibly articulate, this could help you win an argument.


It is never a good sign to let your emotions get in the way, that is why lawyers learned how to spot an issue by figuring out which facts are relevant, with too much emotional entanglement, you might miss an important detail and focus on the unnecessary ones.

Lawyers never mix their personal and emotional reactions with their professional ones. No matter how much you can relate to the situation, it is totally unacceptable and unprofessional if you let your emotions get to you since it will definitely affect the current situation.

Keep in mind that thinking like a lawyer is a technique and not exactly a lifestyle. Law students learn about this the hard way, but it eventually comes out of them naturally especially if they’re passionate about it. It will be a little too hard to tell if you have successfully managed to think like a lawyer, but there is no harm in trying, it might even help you when it comes to your everyday life.

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