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Law Students Are Using Crazy Tactics to Stay up All Night And It’s Taking a Toll on Their Health

If you are studying law right now, chances are, you are committed to the profession, and rightfully so, since you’re in it for the long haul. We often associate law students with high grades, many sleepless nights studying cases, not to mention a part-time job to sustain themselves during college; it’s safe to say that they have their plates full.

Sure, frat parties are an alluring and a very important part of college life — after all, what is adolescence without unadulterated drinking, you might as well enjoy it while your body allows you to. But on sober weekdays students find themselves joining, if not leading, movements and clubs in their university. After all, surviving law school takes persistence and perseverance, not to mention the determination to excel.

Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

Having a weak body may lead to missed classes in school

If you’re the student we’ve described above, you might also believe in the saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. If you think that rest is for the lazy and the weak, you might need to take a breath and relax for a moment because we’re about to burst your bubble. Sometimes it becomes absolutely crucial to press the pause button on life and simply enjoy some time off to recharge your batteries and return to your goals with renewed drive and vigor.

Doing everything at once is great, even impressive on a resume, but this could also take a toll on your health. With a heavy course load, all the laws to memorize and extra-curricular activities to juggle, you might find your health struggling to keep up. You might experience frequent headaches, back pains or recurring flu and cold.

This just means that the stress and constant lack of sleep (especially for those who love to pull all-nighters) are already wreaking havoc on your body, and if you continue to beat yourself up, this may lead to a more serious illness in the future.

Prone to Illness

A weakened body is prone to illnesses, even more so if you don’t have a healthy diet and the only cardio you get is running late to class or furiously writing down notes in lectures. With your condition, you might miss a lot of classes, or worse, may have to quit school altogether (we know the Hermione in you gasped).

Stress may affect your body and your mind as well

Now, you might argue that your body is still young and healthy and you’re not getting sick as frequently. However, do you find yourself having a hard time sleeping, plagued by negative thoughts the replay in your mind all night? If the stress and pressure of law school haven’t caught up with your body, they probably have stung your mind.

Having depression and anxiety while in law school is normal with the internal pressure of becoming the best in the class and the external pressure of having grade-conscious classmates and peers.

Take Time Off

To avoid these threats to your physical and mental health, you need to consider taking some time off every so often. Always mind the time you spend sleeping and make sure to keep everything in balance.

Getting enough sleep is good for your mind and body

You can do meal preps if you find cooking relaxing during your downtimes or do yoga or run if that calms you down. You can also catch up on your reading (no, not your cases) of a fictional book or a memoir of your role model.

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