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Jobs You Can Get With A Law Degree (Other Than Being A Lawyer)

A lot of people think that everyone who went to law school and got a law degree wants to become a lawyer. It does make sense though, it is a law degree after all. However, there are actually a lot of law degree holders who did not pursue their career as a lawyer. So if you are currently taking up law or just graduated from law school, there is no need to fret, because there are in fact other careers that you could definitely try with your law degree, and here are some of them.


There are actually a lot of lawyers who pursue their career in the government office as public servants, however, you wouldn’t need to become a lawyer, of course, having a degree in law can be enough. However, the experience of being a lawyer would, of course, help you out especially when dealing with clients and such.

There are tons of lawyers turned politicians that changed the world, such as former United States president, Barack Obama, who went to Harvard Law, and also the former president, Bill Clinton, who went to Yale Law School. Becoming a public servant is definitely not an easy job, but with a law degree, it would definitely help you understand the things going on around you and would help you do your job well since you know almost everything about the law.

Most people say that politics nowadays are just dirty and that there are no more honest politicians, so if you wish to become one, then prove to the people that there are still good public servants out there just like you.


With a law degree, you can also be a mediator. This is one of the most common careers people choose before becoming a lawyer or for those who really are not interested in being a lawyer but still want to be involved in cases and such. Mediators basically help the parties resolve things by discussion if possible, they do not take sides but they may give some suggestions, but mediators do not give legal advice. This is more like a non-stressful way being a lawyer, without having to defend a client or go to court hearings.


Another career that you may want to try is to become a journalist. Journalists, just like public servants, must be honest and of course, knowledgeable to current events and everything happening around them. Journalists deliver news to the people via television, radio, internet, or newspapers.

By having a law degree, you will then have a background on how to deal with people, what they would like to hear from you. Having a law degree would also help you be credible since you are very familiar with all the laws.


Finally, you can become a professor, but you might take up a few more units like masters or just a couple of subjects for teaching. Most lawyers who no longer want to be on the field are trying to pursue a career in teaching as a professor, so this could be another choice for you.

No matter whatever career you decide to pursue, keep in mind that you must not let anyone decide for you or dictate you on whatever you must do. There is a big chance that you will not succeed or will not be happy if you choose a career that you don’t want. Having a law degree is great since it opens up doors to other places because it is very flexible. When the time comes that you want to be a lawyer, then it is never too late. Make sure to follow your heart and mind at all times and you wouldn’t have a problem.

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