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Which Are The Highest Paying Legal Jobs?

When you are in law school and in the process of achieving a law degree you could perhaps wonder about which kind of specialties will allow you to make the best out of your degree. You are advised not to consider the type of law you want to practice despite it being one of the primary concerns among many law students.

Hundreds of career options are offered by the legal industry starting from a court messenger to a lawyer for trials. The salaries which are offered can differ from minimum wages to nine digit incomes. The salaries offered will depend on geographic location, experience level, market demand, the environment of practice and the size of the employer besides the job itself. Mentioned below are some of the highest paying legal jobs which lawyers with a degree can expect to be placed in.

Trial lawyers

Some of the highest paying legal jobs are offered to trial lawyers across the world. The best compensation is offered to the trial lawyers that are handling high-profile and high-stakes cases.

Many lawyers who are handling public interest matters and are working as solo professionals are earning modest salaries. The median salaries for trial lawyers were in the region of $140,000.

Intellectual property lawyers

Protecting ideas, patents, copyrights, trademarks and other profitable concepts is the job of an intellectual property lawyer and this is an area which is growing fast because technology is evolving and this is among the most lucrative and highest paying legal jobs which are available. The salaries for intellectual property lawyers were in the original $143,000 in 2016 but lawyers on the higher end of the spectrum can earn as high as $270,000 every year.

Real estate attorneys

It is the job of real estate attorneys to review offers and contracts in order to ensure that buyers get a fair deal. They work in combination with sellers to make certain everything is fair from the side. Real estate attorneys stand a chance of making $79,000 per year but this figure can increase as high as $149,000. However, nearly 1/4 of all real estate attorneys are not awarded any benefits.

Chief legal officers

The heads of the law department of corporations are commonly known as chief legal officer’s and it is common to note that the salary of a chief legal officer is in line with the size of the corporation he or she is working for. A chief legal officer that is working with multinational corporations is eligible to earn seven-figure salaries apart from bonuses, stock options, and perks.


Court proceedings regardless of whether they are federal, state or local courts are presided over by a judge. Their salaries are similar to magistrates and are paid in the region of $156, 250. Judges in the federal courts are paid the highest and local judges and magistrates can expect to be paid the least.

Judges besides the gender sellers also enjoy healthful benefits, expense accounts, and retirement plans which are made on their behalf thereby increasing the size of the compensation they receive.

Members of Congress

If you like the idea of working in the business of making laws or chaining them for the benefit of the country or the state you can perhaps for a career as a member of Congress. Your law degree will not be a requirement to begin working as a politician but it can certainly be helpful. Members of the Congress are taking home $174,000 every year and some working in higher positions are taking on $194,000 every year despite not having a law degree in their grasp.

As it can be seen having a law degree can make you eligible to some of the highest paying legal jobs which are available in the country. Therefore students need not be concerned about the type of practice they should be getting involved in.

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