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Having a Hard Time Juggling Parenting and Law School? These Tips Might Help You Find the Balance

What do parenting and law schools have in common? They are both stressful, time-consuming, and demanding but quite rewarding, nevertheless. But how do you cope if in both roles simultaneously?

College-going parents’ circumstances are definitely not like any other traditional students. There are many reasons as to why you may have started studying once again, but whatever it may be, you’ll find that it can be hard to juggle these two things at once.

Right after college, you may have other things you pursued, like starting a family. Setting aside law school doesn’t mean there won’t be another chance for moms and dads to enter school again, although the situation would be much different now knowing that there are kids at home waiting for you.

Needless to say, there are challenges in balancing school and family. While this seems daunting, there are ways you can manage them both with ease.

Create a Schedule

When you have one too many responsibilities on your hands, it’s hard to find an equilibrium but not impossible. College alone can be stressful for most students, let alone studying law which requires reading and analyzing thousands of cases and memorizing laws by heart, which can take up a significant chunk of your time. This is the sad truth about law school for nontraditional students, all the more if they are self-employed.

However, you have the ability not to let it eat your whole time. The point is, don’t let it take over your life – remember, you already have a family who is also your priority.

Create a list detailing your tasks

One way you can do this is by creating a list that could help you manage your time well. Indicate your daily activities and the corresponding time it would take for each task – for example, commuting, going to the library, fetching the kids, etc. Jot down first the things that are not flexible, then you now know how much time you have left for other things.

Stick to Your Schedule

Always find ways to spend time with your family

Once you have plotted your obligations that can’t be compromised, it is now time to let your family know your schedule. That means also showing them that you have family time squeezed in between hectic schedules – you’ll never know how much of help they can be in alleviating stress.

The most important part of this is that you need to follow your schedule, including being with your kids. Obviously, you should make this a habit in order for it to become a routine.

Ask for Help

There’s nothing wrong with hiring another set of hands

You are not a super being that can do everything that’s expected of you. There will be days when it’s extra frustrating but know that it’s OK to ask for help. Make sure that your partner understands how demanding law school can be so that you can ask for support from them.

If he/she is busy as well, hire a pair of extra hands or seek the aid of your relatives. You can also ask for the recommendation of other students who are also parents because they must have figured out something that works for them – if not, you all can find effective ways.

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