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Business Lessons From ‘Suits’ That No Other Leader Will Teach You

Gabriel S. Macht is an American actor popular for playing ‘Harvey Specter’ in the TV series Suits” American legal drama created and written by Aaron Korsh. Harvey Specter is almost as famous as Tyrion Lannister, Walter White, Sheldon Cooper, Charlie Harper, Chandler Bing, Michael Scofield, and many others. He is popularly known for teaching social and business confidence in our daily mundane life. His highly positive rigidity, never-losing-faith-in-himself attitude and the risk taking stunts shows, gives practical lessons than a real life mentor hardly bothers to tell. In this article, you will learn one of the best life business lessons through some of the best Specter Quotes which you may take years to learn.

“Don’t Raise Your Voice. Improve Your Argument.”

It always said that whenever you are losing a debate or you are on the verge of losing it your pitch becomes louder. Is it a natural thing? Well, it has a deep meaning. It’s our sub- conscious mind which signals that your arguments are not throwing any relevant impact on your opposition team. This simply means you need to enrich your argument. The only solution is ‘Don’t Raise Your Voice’.

“Anyone Can Do My Job, But No One Can Be Me.”

This depicts that we all are unique and special in our own way. There is no point of comparison between any status, position, or designation.

“Never Destroy Anyone in Public When You Can Accomplish The Same Result In Private.”

We all care for our reputation. If today it’s your enemy, tomorrow it can be even you. Never destroy anyone in public because you never know when it will put you in the jeopardy.

“I Don’t Play The Odds. I Play The Man.”

Just because you know all the rules and statistics of the game it’s still doubtful that you will win the game. When you are dealing with your opponent, put yourself in their shoes and try to introspect what he hates, how he thinks, what are his weak points, where he fumbles. Only then you can achieve better odds.

“When You Are Backed Against The Wall, Break The Goddamn Thing Down.”

We all are aware of these famous quotes– ‘Solving our obstacles’, ‘Overcoming our hurdles’, and ‘Figuring out our problems’. But Harvey has his own quote. As per him, if you are restricted for doing anything or confined to some edges, then just break it down. Always remember that creativity is hindered by the limitations it kept within.

“I Don’t Have Dreams. I Have Goals.”

There is a fine difference between these two phrases. Actually, goals are our destination, a place that is designated to meet its end. While dreams are just adored desires and imaginative impressions. So always chose the latter over the prior one. Your goals are realistic and dreams are apparent. So be realistic.

“It’s Not Bragging If It’s True.”

We often misunderstand the word ‘bragging’. For example, a boastful talk exhibits our self-importance and blustering, which is a self-centric thing. However what if these things are completely true? Think about it. Then, it is not bragging. Everything is not the same just as it appears. And so ‘Harvey Specter is not self-centered and a conceited person.’

“Ever Loved Someone So Much, You Would Do Anything For Them? Yeah, Well Make That Someone Yourself And Do Whatever The Hell You Want.”

This very quote is so powerful that it fully justifies the importance of Self Love. This is why  Harvey Specter is popular among all the budding entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders from around the world. To simplify the above quote it means that when you have confidence and faith in yourself, no hurdle can be good enough to have the power to stop you.

“That’s the Difference Between You And Me, You Wanna Lose Small, I Wanna Win Big!”

We all act mean when it comes to sacrificing. However, sacrifice is highly essential whenever you are trying to do an arduous effort in order to reach your destination. If you frown over obstacles then there is no gate that will open towards the gates of success. You can only win your goal when you’re easygoing and have enough heart to let go of small things.

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