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Here’s How to Win Child Custody

So, it’s certain now that you are getting divorced and you are preparing yourself for a long and complicated battle for the custody over your child. Are you truly committed to winning child custody? You have to know some basic things in order to make that happen.

This advice will help you present yourself to the court in the best possible way, and make it possible to win your case.

1. Exercise your parental rights

If you got visitation rights with your children, use them. Spend with them all the time you can, and during your time with them, make sure that you’re doing casual things – don’t skip chores and homework.

One of the hardest things to understand in a custody battle is that it isn’t important if what your ex is saying about you is true or not. What really matters is whether the court believes the story. So, do everything practically possible to present yourself in the court as a loving, involved, competent parent. Dress for the court, arrive on time, behave accordingly in front of the judge. link test

2. Learn about family law

It’s not enough to just go there with truth and best intentions. Sometimes it’s not even enough to just have a lawyer. Read up on child custody laws, so that you’re prepared in advance, and so you know what to expect.

3. Be willing to work with your ex

Some people lost their custody because they have shown the unwillingness to collaborate with their ex-partner. So, bear in mind that even though you might not like your ex, they are still a part of your children’s lives and you need to show that you can work together for the benefit of the kids.

4. Request an in-home custody evaluation

If you believe that your ex will try to portray you as a villain, or shine a negative light on your home life, this is the best thing you can do.

5. Prepare documents

If you really believe that your kids will not be safe with your ex-partner, you need to carefully document your interactions with them, and their interactions with the kids. Just be careful, because they might be preparing the same documentation about you.

6. Never speak negatively about your ex

Your kids cannot hear you speak badly of their other parent, no matter what you think or feel. Keep it to yourself. Talk to someone you can trust, someone adult, instead.

7. Find an experienced lawyer

Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, at least set up a free consultation so you can discuss the options you have. Also, you can look into free law clinics near you. Just ask The Legal Aid Society or The American Bar Association for assistance.

8. Never reschedule with your children

If you keep rescheduling your parenting time, it might seem to the court that you are filing for custody out of spite, and not out of love for your kids. So, when you promise something, keep that promise, be where and when you said you would be.

This way, your ex will not be able to present a documented pattern that reflects negatively on you to the court.

9. Don’t involve the kids

It might be tempting to share the details of the court case with your kids, but it’s very important to let them be children right now. You don’t want to place an undue burden of adult problems on their little shoulders. Besides, would you like to be bothered with your parents’ issues if you were a child right now?

10. Don’t lie

Inventing negative stories will not help you win the custody. You shouldn’t ever come up with unfounded tales of abuse. You should never exaggerate your ex’s problems and shortcomings in an attempt to manipulate the court. Any lies you present will be used against you later on.

11. Do whatever the court is asking you to

You need to show to the court just how devoted you really are. So, if the court is asking you to go to parenting classes, or go into counseling, do it immediately. Perceive it as a chance to show just how much you are willing to do for your kids.

In short, be a loving and caring parent; be respectful and honest, and you can’t fail.

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