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Talking on Mobile While Driving to Be Criminalized in the UK

Nowadays, phones have become a part of our daily lives. Some might even call them a necessity next to food and clothes. Okay, we know you’re saying that that’s an overstatement, but think about it. Who doesn’t own a smart one in 2020? Moreover, which purpose of everyday life can a phone not solve? We’re sure you’re going to have a tough time answering that.

And now that you sort-of agree with us, munch on this. For some people, Smartphones have turned into an obsession. So much so that when using these devices, they often don’t realize that they’re putting their own as well as the lives of others at risk. When driving, for instance.


Cars Guide | People often text, call, or take pictures when driving, which is extremely risky

Even though we read about this and watch endless warning videos on it, many of us don’t put our phones away while driving. And more often than not, that leads to life-threatening disasters. Realizing the seriousness of the issue, the government of the United Kingdom has made a point to tighten the mobile phone laws across the country.

Let’s find out more.

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The UK Government’s New Rule for Drivers

It was only a matter of time if you ask us; we had this coming. The fact that people don’t even wait for the car to get parked before answering a call or changing the music or texting while driving is in itself inexplicable. And the government of the UK is totally justified in making this decision.


Tele Trac Navman | The UK government has passed a rule under which using a phone while driving is a criminal offence

According to this new rule, from now on, taking calls, clicking pictures, texting, browsing the internet, changing music, or even making videos, any act with a handheld cell phone behind the wheels would be a criminal offense in the UK. In a statement issued by Road Safety Minister, Baroness Charlotte Vere, this move attempts to make the country’s roads safer.

The president of the Automobile Association (AA), Edmund King, came in support of the upcoming law. He explained the risk involved and appealed to the general public that calls, messages, and pictures can wait until you park your vehicle in a safe place. He also discussed the rising obsession with phone usage in the country and how it’s making life risky and unhealthy for everyone.

As soon as this law becomes operational, handheld calling during driving will be restricted. However, there’s still a chance to manage emergency calls using hands-free devices or speakers. Though things might get a bit unconformable when you’re talking on the speaker, safety is the priority here. The government is expecting to place new proposals early by next year.

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Max Meyers Law | The move is aimed at making the country’s roads safer

To Conclude

“Alert today – Alive tomorrow”, most of us have heard this phrase. So, let’s make it a practice to adapt it in our daily lives. The world won’t come to an end if we post a picture late or send a text after parking our cars!

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