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Suspected Gunman Who Attempted Robbing Kids Got Killed by a Policewoman!

In a bizarre circumstance, the gunman’s attempted robbery on children and their families was busted by a mother waiting to fetch her kid, who turned out to be a policewoman who was off-duty that day.

The Failed Robbery Attempt

The school’s security footage showed how Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, approached the crowd while holding .38 revolver gun outside in a private school in Sao Paulo. However, before he could execute his crime, the 42-year-old military police officer named Katria de Silva Sastre pulled out her own weapon to fire three shots, wounding the suspect in the process.

The suspect fell backward and was clutching his chest before Sastre shoved him in the front while her foot was over her handbag. Moreira later died in the hospital.

The student’s family and the institution hailed her as a hero for her bravery. San Paulo Governor Márcio França conducted a ceremony last Sunday to honor the policewoman

Furthermore, the Governor tweeted how he went to 4th BAEP, east of San Paulo on the same day to assess the situation and honor the special mother. If it weren’t for Sastre’s precision and courage, the school would’ve faced a “regrettable outcome.”

He thanked Sastre for saving the lives of mothers and children who were there. The governor also presented her with a purple orchid and has it delivered to her station, just in time for Brazil’s Mother’s Day.

A Courageous Woman

Officer Sastre is a mother of two girls, with ages seven and two. Prior to becoming a mother, she worked in the enforcement agency for nearly 20 years. Her husband is also a police lieutenant. She was currently waiting for her children to arrive at the gates of Ferreira Master school when the incident happened. Coincidentally, she was also there to attend the school’s host celebration of Mother’s Day party.

Officer Sastre ordered Moreira, the suspect, to turn over. She then pushed him down on the ground with her foot into a facedown position

Sastre then pulled her police issued gun from her bag. She loaded the gun to respond with armed speed. She fired three rounds of bullets as the assailant was hit on his chest. She then fired on his leg when she saw him trying to fight back. The suspect also fired two shots when he hit the ground, but thankfully, no one was hurt. The first ricocheted off the ground while the second shot jammed on his weapon.

A True Hero

Sastre kicked the suspect’s weapon away before she picked it up. She recalled that fateful encounter and said that at that time, her only thought was to protect the mothers and children who attended the event, even her own life and her daughter’s. She didn’t know back then if the suspect would shoot the kids or the moms, so she fired in defense before the suspect could inflict harm on the civilians.

The police lieutenant and Katia’s husband, Andre Alves Sastre stated the suspect fired once, but they couldn’t determine whether he shot before Katia fired. He was also thankful both his wife and their daughters were safe and sound after what happened.

Meanwhile, the public security secretary Maggie Alves lauded Officer Sastre for her professionalism. She clearly demonstrated her enforcement training in subduing the suspect before she called for backup and medical services’ help.

While Governor Franca was saddened to know the suspect died, he reminded the public that the incident served as a warning to those people who wants to spread terror and violence. He said that Brazil’s security professionals are well-equipped and trained in protecting the public.

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