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Shocking: Police Officers Were Seen Removing the Homeless Right Before the Royal Wedding!

Despite all the glamor and celebrations that came with the Royal Wedding on Saturday last week, turns out there’s a faint dark shadow cast on the glorious event. In fact, police were spotted days before the glorious wedding clearing the possessions of the homeless people; including their sleeping bags

In preparation for the Royal Wedding, police were filmed removing homeless individuals near the vicinity of Windsor Castle and requesting them to move elsewhere for the meantime as the area was cordoned off

Preparation for the Royal Wedding

The area in question is the entire grounds of the Windsor castle; which was placed on lock-down as numerous anti-terror bollards were put in place. Moreover, a heavy police presence could be seen in the area, as final preparations of the Saturday event took place.

Furthermore, as a preliminary preparation for the event, the Berkshire town was swept for any impending safety risks. Despite numerous measures being carried out to ensure security, officers went a step further by moving away the sleepers. A video clip recording Barclays Bank opposite Windsor Castle, shows officers talking to two homeless men, who happened to be pitched up outside the bank.

Confiscating possessions

The officers asked the two homeless individuals to pack up their items in bags that were provided by the said police officers, later being sealed, and then carried off by the police. The homeless individuals were informed that the bags, which contained materials such as magazines, bedding, and books were to be kept in storage until Monday.

One of the scenes that was really touching showed a woman clutching tightly to her blue sleeping bag while she talked to the police. Later, she moved on to quickly grab her possessions.

Police were seen confiscating items such as books, magazines, and sleeping bags that would later be kept in storage and released after the wedding had taken place

In a press statement, the Police stated that they had offered the homeless the opportunity to keep their belongings in a safe storage, before they would be released a few days after the highly anticipated Royal Wedding ceremony had taken place.

However, the Thames Valley Police stated that the move was a security policy put in place so as to avoid any obstructions along the Windsor pavements, considering that they would be tightly packed on the big day.

Royal Wedding Enthusiasm

In fact, more than 100,000 tourists made their way into Berkshire town, in preparation for the highly-anticipated wedding. In one of the videos, one of the homeless men says that they were not being helped out; rather, they were being forced to move out and their possessions were being confiscated.

Moreover, about six bags were seen to be removed from the area and brought back to the police van. The said homeless individuals were permitted to keep some of their essential items, including items such as bottles of water.

The Royal Wedding is one of the most prestigious events in the world, filmed in all countries worldwide and celebrated by many of the countries that are part of the Commonwealth

In fact, one of the police officers could be heard asking some of the homeless people if that was all they needed for the next couple of days.

Homeless Projects

That being said, in preparation for the event, the Thames Valley Police had been working very closely with other local services such as The Windsor Homeless Project, The Royal Borough of Windsor, and the Maidenhead to ensure that there was enough support being given to the homeless people.

The officers further worked with other homeless projects based in Sussex to provide adequate support and assistance.

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