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It’s Official! Average Stay-at-Home Mums Work More Than You

Most people downplay the importance of motherhood and the complexities that come with it. The truth of the matter, however, is that being a mother is a full-time job. In fact, studies have revealed that motherhood consumes a staggering 98 hours a week in a mother’s schedule!

It’s no wonder most people consider mothers as the heroes of their lives. And hence, love to partake in any celebrations that celebrate motherhood. And now the stats don’t lie. Research has revealed that being a mother is more strenuous than working 2.5 jobs.

Most mothers work twice as much as the average working American yet they stay at home. This shows household activities are much more tasking than we think

The survey was conducted with 2000 American mums as the participants who had children aged between five to twelve years, examining their weekly schedules.

The statistics

The study was carried out by the Welch Company. Upon the release of the results, it was truly amazing. For starters, it showed that the average mum kickstarts her day around 6:23 am. Which is way earlier than most people think of getting up and heading to work!

Throughout the day, they keep busy with all the particulars of taking care of the baby and making sure that all the household tasks are duly-handled. By the time she sits down to get some ‘me’ time, it will normally be around 8:31 pm.

Looking at these results, one thing comes to mind. The average working mum works about 14 hours a day. And not many jobs require a 14-hour work schedule. So you can imagine how tasking it is to do this every day of the week, including weekends!

Now using simple math, a mother’s work schedule translates to about 98 hours a week! Which is more hours than twice the average job.

The fact that mothers work so much highlights how complex and intricate raising a child is. It’s a full-time job

Another surprising statistic of the survey also showed that for mums, they get roughly one hour and seven minutes to do the things that they enjoy doing on a daily basis! That’s slightly a little more than the time we have for a lunch hour break!

These stats highlight just how demanding and stressful the role of a mother can be in this day and age. Considering all the numerous tasks that they have to undertake during the day.

Hence, it’s no surprise that mothers need all the assistance that they can be offered. And during the survey, when the mothers were asked what they found extremely vital in their lives, most of them responded with simple yet subtle things. A good cup of coffee, the ability to sleep, and a stern and effective voice to ensure their kids stay in line.

Other important lifesavers that some of the mothers mentioned include Netflix, healthy snacks, and a good old glass wine!

Tasks that consume a lot of time

Mothers claimed that grocery shopping and other tasks such as cooking and cleaning consumed a lot of time; equivalent to a full-time job.

They also had to wake up early and prepare their kids for school, as well as ensure to pick them up and prep them for bed during the evening.

Some of the things that these mothers cherish that keep them focused throughout the day include wine, rest, and good ol’ fashioned Netflix

Other factors that also consumed a lot of time include doing the laundry and ensuring that the house was spic and span.

Sleep is heavenly

For the mothers in question, the one thing they look forward to after a long day is sleep. In fact, though the sleeping hours are minimal, having a rest was a vital part of ensuring that they were rejuvenated for the next day!

So, maybe next time Mother’s Day should be celebrated with a little more zeal, don’t you think?

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