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How Can a Private Investigator Help you Locate Hidden Assets?

When an individual believes that his partner could be hiding assets which he may have an interest in he can hire a private investigator to locate the hidden assets. By locating the hidden assets the person may be in a position to make a difference in a legal proceeding and have the assets attached for judgment or even benefit from the information.

The question of hidden assets is often discussed in cases related to divorce and family law. It is well known that during a divorce or separation a spouse might try to hide assets to ensure that the other partner and not get a fair share during the proceedings. Spouses may also decide to hide assets before signing a prenuptial agreement with the intention of keeping information away from their new spouse.

Hidden assets can also be involved in cases where support is being discussed for children and the spouse. In some cases, hidden assets can be the subject of bankruptcy proceedings by people who may want to salvage something after financial ruin. The law does not take kindly to hidden assets which it considers as a fraud and has therefore created provisions whereby the hidden assets can be attached if and when discovered.

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Locations of hidden assets

Hidden assets can be located anywhere depending on the creativity of the person involved. Many people depend on offshore banks and transfer their assets abroad. People are also known to pay extra money to their creditors in an attempt to create hidden assets for themselves. People can use a variety of methods to create hidden assets by spending large sums of money on a property or even purchase items like expensive vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, expensive paintings and other luxury items including jewelry. In doing so the owner is actually converting cash into expensive hidden assets which can be kept away from the sight of their partner or they may even use the method of undervaluing the assets to ensure it is not discovered easily.

Some forms of hidden assets may also include third parties who may knowingly or unknowingly participate in the fraud. People may decide to hide assets in the name of their children by setting up a custodial account. In some situations, a spouse may claim to have a false debt to pay it off only to retrieve the money at a later date. People can hide assets in a friends house or with a family member. As long as the individual trying to create the hidden assets is using his or her imagination in an effective manner they will be in a position to put aside a substantial portion of their income or assets away and beyond the sight of the person, they want to keep the assets away from.

Locating hidden assets

When the subject of locating hidden assets is considered people should use the services of a private investigator who can conduct a thorough and a full investigation to locate the assets that are hidden. They can also prepare a report and provide testimony in court’s regarding these assets to ensure the court is aware of the misconduct involving hidden assets.

Private investigators will have access to databases which will assist them in tracking down hidden assets. They may also use every method available at their disposal to conduct the surveillance on a spouse to understand if you or she is heading to an undisclosed location or could be colluding with others with the sole intention of hiding assets. They will provide a report to the court’s only after their completed a thorough investigation and also collected other information to identify patterns and locations that can help in revealing hidden assets.

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People who are involved in court matters and are trying not to disclose their hidden assets must understand they can be charged with committing a criminal fraud which could bring the problem of incarceration on them. Private investigators are fully capable of locating hidden assets and using them will prove beneficial for people who suspect assets may be hidden by their spouse or partner.

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