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Divorces Can Lead To Temporary Insanity

Divorces can be quite tough, and they can easily take a huge toll on the couple that is pulling the plug on their marriage. For most people, it is a tough decision where they have to decide to either give up on a life that they’ve known or move on since the marriage isn’t working. 

Many people seek therapy during this time to deal with the emotional stress of divorce. This is only for the couple involved, but what about the rest of the family? While it is important and recommended to step out of a marriage that is becoming toxic and burdensome, this change brings several challenges with it. Experts are looking into the emergence of families and children who are dealing with divorced or divorced parents. It is reported that 40% of American children will grow up without their biological parents, which is why there is an increased need for harm reduction to take place in American society. 

Ketut/Pexels | Because of this, Pauline Tesler, a collaborative family law expert, is raising her voice about the damage that divorce causes.

1. Increased Divorce Rates

Because 40% of American children are living in blended families, they will most probably have seen their biological parents struggle and go through a divorce. The traumatic cycle of divorce doesn’t end after the end of the first marriage, but it can be repeated in second and third marriages as well. Divorce rates are reported to be higher for second and third marriages or partnerships, even for people who come from lower-income families.

2. Opens Doors For Conflict

Lawyers dealing with divorce cases are not well-equipped to deal with clients who come to them when they are at their lowest and are dealing with feelings of despair, anger, depression, fear, and confusion. The process of divorce is already quite hard on the entire family, but when it’s manhandled, it opens doors to more conflicts rather than resolving them in a socially responsible manner. Tesler stated that divorce lawyers see their clients when they are at their worst.

Karolina/Pexels | This is why they need to support and help them in any way that they can.

3. Challenged Cognitive Capacities

People might be well-dressed and well-spoken when they enter the office and ask for the best divorce lawyer for their case but what the lawyers don’t realize is that behind this perfect demeanor is a scared individual who is not ready for confrontation and extreme conflict. During this time, the client witnesses a sudden drop in cognitive capacity, and they often begin to see the world using tunnel vision. The lawyer’s job is to use their power to support the healthy recovery of their clients and all the stakeholders involved.

Alex/Pexels | This is because more than 90% of divorces are settled before they even reach full trials in front of the judge, as stated by Pauline Tesler.

Divorce lawyers should understand their place of power and work to help their clients get to a better point.

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