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Divorced or Separated? Know These Genius Hacks to Make Co-Parenting Easier and Better

Just imagine: you and your partner used to be head over heels with each other. Now, both of you want out of the marriage.

While a divorce is extremely hard for both parties, it is even more difficult for children involved. What’s important is that both parents remain committed to raising their kids, but how can that happen when moms and dads simply don’t see eye to eye?

If both parties signed up for joint physical custody, then they must at least meet in the middle for their children’s sake. Here’s how exes can make it work:


Remember that you may have fallen out of love with each other but your love for your children will always remain. This is also how your former flame feels about your kids. As such, both of you share the same goal: to focus on your kids’ needs.

Fizkes/Shutterstock Coparenting is constant teamwork

If it’s heartbreaking for you to work with your ex, then think of him/her as a workmate. You may not get along but you both have the same task that you need to finish.


There are days when your child will come over to your house as part of the agreement. No matter how angry you are with your ex, never badmouth him/her in front or to your kid.

Fizke, Shutterstock | Badmouthing your ex is never right

Moreover, if you have found a new partner, never let him/her talk bad about your ex. It’s easy and satisfying to release your anger but it can have dire consequences on the child – the youngsters may feel that it is OK to be disrespectful to other people.

‘Safe’ Houses

Exes should make sure that their children are comfortable and feel safe in both houses. Parents shouldn’t make their children feel that they aren’t connected to their moms and dads anymore just because they called it quits.

Moreover, parents should be responsible and provide details to each other about the living conditions and the neighborhood. Both parties must always be in the loop about their kids’ safety.


Arguments are inevitable – even among exes. However, squabble should never happen while the children are around. Constantly airing your disagreements will make your children feel that they are unwanted.

Things may not have ended amicably between the two of you but remember that you’re both here to support your children’s welfare. Stop bringing up unresolved issues that will only result in a fight since the little ones tend to unconsciously absorb what they hear from grownups., Shutterstock | Reserve the fights when you and your ex are alone

Be cordial and if it’s hard for you to do so, just look at your kids and how you want to give them the best.


Be open to talking with your ex. Remember, communication is the key to a sustainable relationship – in this case, as co-parents.

If your ex is calling you, pick it up. You may never know if it’s a concern about your child.

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