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Aviva Offers Equal Compensation On Paternal Leave To Its Staff

Payday is every employee’s favorite day. Finally, the compensation for all the hard work will be given and budgeting expenses will be possible again. The more time we work, the greater the cash will be on a payday, less work would also mean less salary.

For single workers getting a higher salary is easier than for parents who already have a family of their own. While the single employees have unlimited opportunities for extra hours and extra cash, working parents have difficulties working extra hours as their families come first. The accumulation of absences in a month would pose decrease in income.

Not everybody is blessed to have a job that understands the different aspects of their lives. When single workers turn into working parents, their salary is important to sustain the needs of their offspring. Only a few companies are generous enough to understand these needs and offer an opportunity for their employees to benefit.

If you want a company like this, go for Aviva.

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It is a British multinational insurance company based in London, United Kingdom. It is a big company that covers 33 million customers in over 16 countries. Famous for being the largest general insurer, Aviva is a leading life and pension provider. The offer of equal pay for parental leave to both male and female workers will allow up to a year off for the parents. The first six months will be a full basic pay to both genders. The offer of the Aviva for the workers, male and female, is six months’ pay across the board, a move to eliminate the hindrances in the career of the female staffs. The offer goes out to the parents that are employed in Aviva with the same benefit of up to year’s leave where 26 weeks are paid in full. This is regardless of not only their gender but also their orientation or their nature on how they became parents.

They go all the way on the offer since it is open not only for biological parents but also to those employees using a surrogate or choosing adoption.

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The company has said that the new policy is part of Aviva’s strategy to make a working culture that is diverse and inclusive. They believe that the barriers to career progression are removed. Unions have hailed the said move from Aviva for helping progress equality as well as the diversity in the working environment. The regional officer from Unite, Andy Case, has stated that Unite policy for parental leave that was announced today is leading the market that also represents not only an important and positive step for progress when it comes to equality in the place of work.

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The move of Aviva has garnered positive reaction not only to people working in the said company but it also encourages people working their best for Aviva. They are keen on hearing the comments of their members’ opinions on this positive initiative. They will give feedback to the management of Aviva as part the ongoing dialogue on the inclusion, diversity, and equality.

The said policy is launched by Aviva in several locations including Canada, Singapore, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom for those who became parents starting on the 19th of November and onwards. This will extend to its other businesses within the following year. The policy would only differ depending on the amount of the time off in every country. In the United Kingdom, they will be offered up to 12 months off in which half will be paid.

The new policy is available for all employees regardless of the amount of time that they have worked for Aviva or their salary grade.

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The part-time employees of the company are eligible as well. There will be no requirement to share the leave between the parents if both are working in the said company. Aviva’s chief executive, Mark Wilson has stated his desire to live in a world where the criterion for success is talent and bot gender. He believes that equal treatment for parents will help in realizing this vision. Furthermore, they want Aviva to be progressive and a place that is welcoming. This is good for their people and sense of business.

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