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Waffle House Hero Raises $165,000 Through GoFundMe Campaign to Help the Nashville Victims

As Americans remain divided between the anti and pro-gun control, we cannot deny the fact that millions of its citizens are affected by the on-going terror attacks plunging the country. The society has to live in constant fear until the government finds a peaceful, long-term solution to end this chain of gun violence.

And just last week, another terror attack happened in Nashville where the suspected gunman opened fire at a Waffle House store leaving at least four people dead.

However, what made this incident different from past terror attacks was the fact that one man stepped up to fight the suspect and prevented him from inflicting more damages to the victims. Let us uncover how this hero saved tens of lives with his courageous act.

Subduing the Killer

Shaw recalled that fateful night where he was just chatting with his friend when he saw a partially naked man only wearing a green jacket opened fire outside the diner using his semi-automatic rifle.

He recalled how the heartless man killed two people outside before he entered the restaurant, killing one more person and injuring his fourth victim to death. His last victim was rushed to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center but later declared dead on arrival.

James Shaw was sitting in a Waffle House counter together with his friend last April 22, 2018, when the mass shooting happened

Meanwhile, Shaw bolted from his seat and slid on the ground and crawled his way to the restroom. When he heard there was a pause in the said shooting, he used that opportunity to ambush the killer.

He charged at the man holding rifle and wrestled the said weapon with him for a minute (which felt like an eternity to Shaw). He recalled how the rifle’s barrel was still hot from his firing. After an intense tussling, Shaw successfully wrestled the rifle away from the suspect, but not before sustaining a bullet graze wound. The gunman then fled from the crime scene.

A Manhunt Operation

Travis Reinking had a history of delusions and erratic conduct. In fact, he was arrested last May 2016 when the sheriff’s deputies in Tazewell County responded his parent’s call in a drugstore’s parking lot where Reinking had delusions of Taylor Swift stalking him and hacking his phone.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department identified the suspect as Travis Jeffrey Reinking who was from Morton, Illinois. The police authorities conducted a manhunt operation after they had received a tip from a man who matched Mr. Reinking’s description.

They entered the woods where he lived in an apartment complex nearby. They saw Reinking wearing a backpack loaded with handguns and ammunition as he tried to escape. Fortunately, Reinking didn’t put up a fight and surrendered without any incident. The authorities were able to end the manhunt operation within 34-hours in the wake of Nashville mass shooting.

The Tennessee Hero

The Tennessee lawmakers lauded Shaw for his heroism and paid tribute to his compassion for the said victims. Together with the state General Assembly, they filed a joint resolution recognizing his heroism and “penchant for honesty.”

Representative Jason Powell even said that Shaw isn’t only his hero, but the Tennessee’s hero. And it seems Shaw proves how big his heart is when he set up a GoFundMe campaign to provide financial assistance to the victim’s families. Last April 26, 2018, the original $15,000 goal reached 11 more times (up to $165,000) as his heroism spread across the country! And as of this writing, the fund campaign already reached a whopping $204, 659 (and counting)!

A New Yorker named Yashar Ali launched a GoFundMe campaign entitled “Help The Waffle House Hero” to help Shaw

Meanwhile, the Antioch restaurant had also pledged to donate all of its profits for the next month to the living victims and bereaved families of the deceased. What Shaw didn’t expect though was that another good New Yorker Samaritan wanted to return his good deed more than just recognizing him as a hero. He also launched an online fundraising campaign to benefit Shaw. And as of this writing, the said campaign already raised $202,207 out of its original $200,000 goal.

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