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Are Thieves Entitled To Claim for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anyone could be a victim of accidents like these. People who are in the business of stealing are not an exception to this rule as they are often working during the nights and in conditions which may not be conducive to the kind of activities they are involved in.

On January 3, 2017, two suspects that were trying to steal a Verizon store in Philadelphia attempted to complete their job and also had slip and fall accidents as they were trying to flee the store. They did not wait to report the incident but preferred instead to flee the store providing evidence that crime indeed does not pay. Unfortunately, the incident was captured on a security camera within the store which showed attempts were being made by the thieves to steal various phones close to from different shelves around the store when they suffered the slip and fall accident.

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The reason behind the slip and fall accidents at the Verizon store

Slip and fall accidents cannot be categorized under any particular window they fall under. The possibilities of predicting where and why slip and fall accidents can occur definitely exist. People residing in Philadelphia must understand that situations for slip and fall accidents can arise during poor weather conditions and especially during the winters when the sidewalks and are covered by snow and water puddles can also pile up inside retail stores and commercial properties.

People who decide to enter any commercial of essential property must be cautious because the floors can be slick and slippery. Lawsuits for slip and fall accidents are based on premises liability be it commercial or residential. If it can be proved that the property owner was negligent in maintaining the property a lawsuit may be filed for damages which may be awarded to the victim of the accident.

The potential for slip and fall accidents must be taken seriously

The potential for injuries in slip and fall accidents is serious and people must not consider these accidents as minor. Slip and fall accidents result in approximately 8 million visits to the emergency room in a hospital every year and they also have the dubious distinction of being the reason for the most visits by people to hospitals. People who suffer from slip and fall accidents also have to deal with fractures as a consequence of the accident. Property owners and visitors are both advised seriously to consider slip and fall accidents because they can be damaging for all. Attempts must be made by all parties to ensure they have taken the steps needed to avoid the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Use of proper lighting can prevent slip and fall accidents

Property owners are generally responsible to provide adequate lighting in populated areas despite the chances of accidents happening. People are advised not to be caught in a situation where the negligence of a third-party could leave them in a situation that can be troublesome. People should not hesitate to use a flashlight or even the torch in their cell phone to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents. However using any kind of safeguards would not be beneficial for people who have entered the property with the intention of committing a crime because they would be trespassing and the laws will treat them differently.

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Slip and fall accidents are not cheap and can leave people with out-of-pocket expenses which can be in the region of thousands of dollars. They may also have to deal with ongoing medical requirements such as physiotherapy and prescriptions which can add up to the costs. People who are involved in slip and fall accidents and injured as a result are eligible to make claims against the property owner if they are in a position to prove negligence on the part of the property. The better option for people would be to be careful rather than go through the trouble both physically and financially.

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