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What Is Quiet Quitting? And Why Are So Many Lawyers Doing It?

Back in the day, there was a universal understanding that if you did a good job at work, your boss would praise you and reward you with a raise or a bonus. However, in today’s world, this is far from the truth. The younger generation has observed that bosses and employers generally don’t praise or reward you after you do more than you should or if you have done a satisfactory job, which has led to the birth of new rules in the world of jobs.

These rules consist of asking for a raise because you won’t be awarded one unless you ask, using up all your vacation days, and not working after the set working hours. This awakening has also led to another concept, which is called quiet quitting. You might have heard this term before, but this article will tell you all about it.

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Quiet Quitting

It is a workplace phenomenon in which employees refuse to work overtime or go above and beyond for their jobs or employers. This can mean not working unpaid overtime to get on the Boss’s good books or pick up after someone else. Quiet quitting is all about doing the bare minimum to keep the job without putting in any sort of extra effort. For many people, this might be the right thing to do. But for employers, it might cause trouble since many of them tend not to hire an adequate number of human resources and rely on the existing ones to bear the weight.

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Trouble In The Legal World

Now that quiet quitting is spreading across different professions, the legal profession is also seeing several lawyers adopting this ideology. According to Sofia Khan, LOD head of people and development, the pandemic served the purpose of a rude awakening for many people. They realized the true meaning behind their lives, drawing a defined line separating their lives and careers. Another reason could be the mistreatment of employees and the benefits that are being provided to recruits.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people also observed the behavior of the employers who mindlessly let go of loyal employees during tough times, which created a sense of insecurity and let them know that despite the amount of effort they put into a particular organization, they are easily disposable and replaceable.

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How To Fix This?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have left, but the aftermath remains, so employers and law firm owners must provide proper support to their lawyers, communicate with them openly, and give them the flexibility to work on their terms. The legal career is already a stressful line of work, and quiet quitting can only make it worse, which is why employers must make it right.

Could a concept like quiet quitting go away so easily, or will it require a lot of intervention?

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