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Pros And Cons Of Being A Lawyer

There are so many professions in this world and every single one of them is significant, because every career is needed in the society, especially the ones who can change lives, such as teachers, doctors, public servants such as soldiers and policemen, and of course, lawyers. Every single job in the world is difficult, but everything has their own levels of difficulty. Just like being a lawyer, it’s has its own benefits but it also has its own downsides, and here are some of them.


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One of the best things about being a lawyer is that you know what your rights are. It will be easier for you to determine if your rights are being violated. It will also help you understand the legal consequences of a particular act and you may find your way out of trouble.

• Wide Selection of Career Options

Having a degree in law can help you get jobs a little easier than others, simply because it is flexible since you can choose if you would like to work in a private or public sector. You can even become a criminal prosecutor, to be able to help make this world a safer place not just for your family but for everyone.

• Good Financial Rewards

Lawyers are known to get paid extremely well, but of course, private lawyers get paid way more than the ones who work for public sectors since some of them offers free or very affordable legal aid for those who simply cannot pay for a lawyer. An average income of a regular lawyer in the United States is around $115,000, those who are from the private sectors and handles big cases earn almost $200,000.

• Continuous Intellectual Challenges

Another amazing thing about being a lawyer is that you will never stop learning. In every single case you handle, you will learn something, and with every case, lawyers use their strategic thinking to be able to solve different problems that would benefit their client. Not everyone gets to have an opportunity to use their minds in such a great way, so being a lawyer is really great when it comes to exercising the brain.


• Never Ending Stress

‘With great power, comes with great responsibility.’ Those were the famous last words of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, from the Marvel Comic hero, Spider-Man. As a lawyer, you are expected to beat deadlines, billing pressures, changing laws, client demands, and work for long hours. That would then lead to stress which is one of the greatest enemies of a lawyer. Every single day at work is a challenge that must be faced, and the pressure gets worse, which will make you even more stressed out.

• Competitive Job Market

Lawyers might be really important in this society, but it can be very difficult for you, especially if you’re a fresh graduate, to land a decent job. Not every newbie gets to have their own trials on court, sometimes it takes them years to experience that. So be ready for an extremely competitive job market. Prove yourself that you are one of a kind, and you’ll find your place.

• It Can Be Dangerous

Lawyers are defenders, and it can be a pretty dangerous job. Criminal lawyers handle either victims or suspects, there are cases that people get rid of their lawyers or put them in danger if the court didn’t side on them.

• It Is Mentally Exhausting

People think that lawyers only sit behind their desks and simply do paperwork all the time, with some meetings here and there with clients. What most people don’t understand that these things are mentally exhausting. It is true that being a lawyer gives you a chance to exercise the brain, but too much exercise is not good, it simply leads to stress and so much pressure that can sometimes be very difficult to handle.

Being a lawyer is indeed one of the most difficult jobs in the world, there are risks that must be taken as well as numerous sacrifices. If a person is determined and passionate enough to their job, then it wouldn’t be as difficult. That is why no matter what career path you choose, be sure that you would love what you are doing, no matter how difficult situations can be.

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