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Meet The World’s Most Dangerous Inmates

Prisons are places where we put the people found guilty of doing things against the law. It is where all different kinds of crimes meet in a single pot. There are thieves, murderers, drug abusers, and many more, where the diversity of criminals found makes prisons some of the most uncomfortable places on earth.

Violence between prisoners and prison wardens and guards is a natural occurrence in prison

We sometimes see it in movies that criminals repent their sins during their time in the prison. Some become very self-aware that they promise to change their ways. Some get enlightenment from a higher being that they become so devoted to religion, while others are granted parole and end up in prison again. No matter what their story is, being in prison will definitely change their life the other way around, or not.

Here are some of the most dangerous people that are still behind bars. They are so dangerous that authorities will not risk putting them in one cell.

Tyler Bingham

Tyler is a part-Jewish sentenced to life in prison in the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility. He was behind the dozen murders inside the penitentiary. He is also known as the lieutenant of a gang inside the prison called the Aryan Brotherhood. This gang is behind the killing of almost a dozen prisoners. Tyler is charged with the death penalty, but due to its prohibition, he is now serving a life sentence with no hopes of a parole.

Dwight York

York used to be a musician and songwriter before living in prison. In the early 90’s, York founded a religious group that preached Allah. York only allows Black people in their religious group that instantly became a cult. Together with his followers, York built an ancient-like Egypt compound housing all their followers. This is when their cult, Nuwaubian, became under the lens of the authorities.

York is a well-known Black Supremacist

In 2004, York was convicted of child molestation. These children are the daughters of his followers. Estimates of dozen children were molested by York. He was sentenced to 135 years prison time, meaning, York can never find the light of day again.

John Mongrel

He is what the South American prisons refer to as the general. Murder is Mongrels’ ticket into one of the prisons in South Africa. Years later, he founded a gang inside that is called Numbers Gang. Each member is given a number between 26 to 28. The 26’s are responsible for the cash that’s circulating inside the prison. 27’s, on the other hand, are the lawmakers of the group. Lastly, the 28’s are the group’s fight and defense force.

The gang is responsible for almost 1,000 killings inside the prison, making them the most dangerous prison gang in South Africa. They attack even the guards and wardens of the prison they are at. Anyone who disobeys the Numbers and Mongrel will definitely suffer an unfortunate event. This makes John Mongrel the most dangerous and feared prisoner in the whole country.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Filho’s action may be the cause of constant paternal abuse he got even when he was still a fetus. Pedro’s father constantly beats up his mother even when she was carrying Pedro in her womb. That is why Pedro suffered a skull injury from the moment he was born up until now.

Pedro is a Brazilian serial killer who admitted an attempt to kill for the very first time when he was only 13 years old. At the age of 14, he already killed two men, one of which is Alfenas’s Vice-Mayor, Minas Gerais. He was also involved in many more killings, robbery, and many more misconducts. Before he was 18, he already killed 10 victims, including his own father. The killing of his father took place after his father killed Pedro’s mother. After killing his own father, he slit open the chest area, took the heart, and chewed it.

Pedro is residing in Fortaleza, Ceara after his release last 2003

Pedro was convicted of his crimes in May 1973. During his time in prison, he admitted killing 47 inmates, making his list of more than 100. He was given a 128-year prison time for all the murders he committed. On his 34th year, he was set free because the law in Brazil prohibits imprisonment of more than 30 years.

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