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This Man Made $200 Million from Fake Money, And Shockingly Got Away with It

If you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, climbing the ladder of success and fortune can be a long, winding journey. For starters, you need to finish schooling, then get a job, and slowly make your way up from there with time and experience.

But while this blueprint might sound simple, it doesn’t account for the loans you must take in order to reach your ultimate goal: financial freedom. Don’t you already hate the entire process? Only if there was a way to make cold cash out of the blue…

For those who are scoffing at the idea, thinking that it’s too ridiculous (and illegal) to be true, best believe that a man has illegally created money and gotten away with it. It’s the infamous Frank Bourassa, who some dubbed as the world’s greatest counterfeiter.

It’s not a moniker to be proud of but in a shallow sense, it is actually impressive how he managed to pull it off. But for the man, he is an author and public speaker, as per his website.

Frank Bourassa quit school at 15

Who Is Frank Bourassa?

Frank already etched his path against the law at such a young age. He left school when he was 15 and left his mom and dad’s house around the same time. Life was hard so he worked as a mechanic but also became a car theft.

He did try to change his life during his 20s and opened up a business on brake pads and shoes, but because it was highly stressful, he sold the factory.

Then Frank enjoyed the flood of money from the illegal works thereafter, which had put him behind bars. Once he got out, there was no way he was coming back to the factory, so what he did was to make money … literally, as in he made cash.

How Did He Do This?

It’s not as simple as it looks. For one, Frank is a genius who was willing to spend more to even get more. Confusing? Just like a legit business, he first had to shell out tons of money for useful assets, aka printing equipment and other things that were worth $300,000 in total.


There’s a company that etched an Andrew Jackson-lookalike in drums

In an interview, he revealed that shortly after, he began inquiring in paper mills outside North America, specifically in Asia and Europe, 11 years ago.

Authorities didn’t get a hint of him because he used Thomas Moore as an alias. Frank finally found Artoz in Switzerland. Interestingly, the owners of the paper mill didn’t show concern that their client was asking for the kind of paper that is the same as those used in American bills.

Frank then shelled out $15,000 and send it over to a Duren, Germany-company via another name through a Swiss account. The said company made drums that had a marking of a face that looked greatly like Andrew Jackson.

The man described the entire process easy, specifically because those at the German company had no idea who the seventh president of the United States was and is the face printed on $20-bills.

Facing the Music

Business wasn’t smooth sailing at first, but when it did, Frank got scared that the authorities would catch up with him. Then, when the cops finally got wind of his acts, they ransacked his place on May 23, 2012 early in the morning. Personnel from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and US Secret Service found the machines and fake money.

Frank eventually told the Canadian police where he was hiding the $2-million fake money

At the spot, raiding men thought Frank had only created $949,000, but they weren’t aware of the other $2 million sitting at a garage. Because he was in Canada, cops had to have a search warrant before searching in a vicinity.

However, the man’s attorney argued that the warrant was given on a weak proof – camera footage that showed the counterfeiter at a carport but did not show him really touching the boxes of cash. He posted bail for $10,000.

After this, Canadian police asked him to reveal where he kept the other sums of fake money and pay $1,350 and he would be off the hook.

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