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Legal Loopholes That Can Draw The Line Between Prison And Freedom

What people usually know is that a law is a law, and there is no other way around it. But in reality, there are many loopholes in some of the laws that people are taking advantage of it.

One way of challenging the law is in hiring a good lawyer. With the right amount of persuasion and evidence, even a rapist can get out of it. The law is not as just as we thought it would be. Its motives may be that way but because it depends on judges and lawyers, it can still be biased. After all, we are all human and we are capable of having prejudices whether we like it or not.

Famous personality like Donald Trump avoided paying his federal tax due to the countries legal loopholes

But the bias carried out by these people is not the center of this article. It’s the loopholes itself. These loopholes are either because of poor written skills or poorly thought out laws. No matter the reason behind it, these loopholes made people skip crime and achieve normalcy.

Minor drinking

In almost every state or country, alcoholic drinks are very much prohibited to the youngsters. We see it in movies and in almost every media. But what most people don’t know is that minors are not allowed to BUY alcoholic drinks. That is why, in Wisconsin, kids can consume alcoholic drinks if their parents buy it for them. All they need to present is the validity of their guardianship and everything is good to go. Bartenders must also give the drink to the parent or guardian, and they can hand it out to the minors themselves.

There has been an incident that a 3-year old kid got drunk on Whiskey and Coke in a bar in Wisconsin.

This can also be applied to cigars and cigarettes. Technically, there is no rule that prohibits them to use, only to buy them.

Gun laws

Private ownership of a gun is a long-standing debate in the United States of America. Some people are against it since it promotes violence, while some view guns as a security measure. There are already many shootings that involve a private-owned gun in the country, which is why some states are still not legalizing it.

But in the United Kingdom, gun ownership is permitted if the gun being bought is considered ‘antique’. People can purchase different kinds of arms, from single-barreled to double ones as long as it’s antique. The London Metro Police account 31 shootings using an antique gun from 2012-12013 alone.

Daniel Roof, the man behind the Charleston shooting in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

There is also a standard operation when buying guns in the U.S. The dealers are obliged to do a background check on the buyer before selling one. But, if the background check does not become available after three days, it’s at the seller’s discretion whether to sell one or not. This legal loophole has been exploited to almost 15,000 times. This loophole also enabled Dylan Roof from purchasing a gun. Had the sellers waited for the background check to become available, they would know that Roof has a long drug history. Soon they found out that the gun he purchases will be used in killing nine people at a church in 2015.

Online adoption

Everything can be done with one click of a button, thanks to technology and the brilliant minds behind it. We have online shopping, online food delivery, online banking, online dating, online commerce, and so much more. But one addition to the all-things-online is online adoption. Yes, that is true. Parents can give up their kids to adoption online, bypassing the social security agencies.

Quita together with the Easons

Adoptive parents are also granted this online access without letting the biological parents know. This was the case of a girl named Quita. She was given up by her adoptive parents, the Puchalla who posted an advertisement of her online. The Eason family saw this advertisement and responded to it. Later did they found out that the Easons had a history of a mental illness and that their biological children had to be taken away from them. After a week of Quita living with the Easons, Mrs. Puchalla found out that Quita was being mistreated and she stopped going to school. The Puchallas called the authorities immediately and they took back Quita under their roof.

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