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Judge Denies Trump’s Request to Retrieve the Materials Seized by FBI!

A Manhattan federal judge stated that she still wasn’t prepared to grant the President an exclusive first access to confidential documents and sensitive information seized by FBI after they raided one of his personal lawyer’s office. She stated that she was also considering on appointing an independent, third-party lawyer to assist in the evaluation of the obtained materials.

A High-Stake Clash

During the past few weeks, the Manhattan federal judge named Kimba M. Wood had a high-stakes clash with Trump after she refused to grant the President the power to review the materials ahead of the prosecutors to determine which documents can be protected by the attorney-client privilege. It’s an important move to seize such documents before the prosecutors can use this against the defendant while the investigation is still ongoing.

Trump expressed his rage at not gaining access to the confidential information that pertains not only to his personal matters but to his business too. However, Ms. Wood also clarified that she also denied the prosecutors’ request for access to be fair with Trump.

One of Trump’s personal lawyers, Michael Cohen, left the Manhattan court last Monday after the FBI seized all his materials

She also promises that the President will eventually receive copies of the materials pertaining to him. The said courtroom and access battle regarding the seized materials started a week after the FBI conducted a search warrant on Mr. Cohen’s properties.

The said agents walked away while carrying 10 boxes of documents and dozens of electronic devices including computer hard drives, and smartphones. Meanwhile, Trump’s legal team saw the raid aftermath and Cohen’s inquiry as a grave threat and an attack to the President rather than an investigation conducted by Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on the Russian probe.

Mr. Cohen’s High-profiled Clients

One of the problems the prosecutors can possibly tackle from the retrieved documents involved Ms. Stephanie Clifford, who is an adult film star with the screen name Stormy Daniels, who claimed to have had an affair with the President before.

She also accused Mr. Cohen of paying her an astounding $130,000 to keep her silence. Ms. Clifford attended the courtroom with her lawyer named Michael Avenatti. After a gruesome two and a half hour intense hearing, Ms. Clifford gave a surprise revelation stating that the renowned Fox News host Sean Hannity, which is a loyal supporter of Trump, also became Mr. Cohen’s secret client before.

Ms. Clifford states that Mr. Cohen has been acting like an arrogant lawyer since he always thinks he’s above the law, especially now that his client became the President of United States

It seems Ms. Clifford’s revelation held some truth since according to the court papers filed prior to the hearing, Mr. Cohen’s attorneys stated that he represented three clients regarding business and legal matters in the past few years, including President Trump. The other client was the Republican donor Elliott Broidy, who resigned from his position as the head of the Republican National Committee.

Broidy has been under fire after reports emerged stating that Mr. Cohen helped him arrange a $1.6 million payment in exchange for the Playboy’s silence who became pregnant during their affair. Meanwhile, the lawyers refused to reveal the identity of the third client until Judge Wood forced them to do so, and they positively identified him as Mr. Hannity.

The Taint Team

Meanwhile, Judge Wood said that they formed a special group of an independent body of prosecutors, known as the “Taint team”, to assess the said materials to ensure there’s no violation of attorney-client privilege. While the prosecutors respect the Judge’s decision and unbiased treatment, they reiterate the documents obtained are vital to unveil Trump’s business and legal matters.

Mr. Cohen serves as Trump’s confidant and trusted fixer of the President’s thorniest personal and business problems through the years in federal courts

Aside from the taint team, Judge Wood will also appoint an independent lawyer, who she calls a special master to oversee the review. She reiterates that these actions are done not just to maintain fairness, but she wants to process this case efficiently and smoothly. And she wants to end this high-profile case as soon as possible so as to ensure everyone will find out the truth.

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