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Drivers of Ride-Sharing Services Died After Being Attacked by Passengers

Ride-sharing mobile applications have been a major upgrade to the way we do transportation. It’s convenient and it gives new opportunities to people. Applications like Lyft, Uber, and Grab have been a major hit to the masses since they offer a private experience that is much cheaper than buying a new car.

Uber is the biggest ride-sharing service worldwide with a value of $70 billion

These ride-sharing apps also help the current traffic condition of countries. A company like Uber boasts its great impact in helping the congestion of traffic in major cities, especially in holiday seasons. But despite the many benefits of these ride-sharing profiles, there are also many drawbacks. One of which is the harassment of the drivers.

Grant Nelson

Grant Nelson is a 34-year old Uber driver living in Wilmette, Illinois. According to authorities, Nelson was dropping a passenger off near Touhy and Lincoln avenues about 3:20 a.m. Tuesday when the attack happened. There were many stab wounds in the victim’s body. The murderer stole two knives in Walmart and used it as a weapon for killing the driver. Nelson was able to crawl outside the vehicle and shout for help. He took shelter in the nearby condominium before being brought to Presence St. Francis Hospital.

Despite being a minor, Eliza Wasni is being charged with an adult first-degree murder after stabbing Nelson to death

He was still able to narrate the incident to the authorities before dying in the hospital bed. Police said that the driver told them that his passenger’s name was Eliza. They found a 16-year old girl with the name of Eliza Wasni that matches all the descriptions given by the driver. The minor was later charged with first-degree murder as an adult since the judge sees the attack as extremely violent.

Gerardo Maquidato, Jr.

Gerardo is a Grab driver in the Philippines. He was one of the drivers who had a fair share of fame after refusing a payment from a sick passenger. A Facebook post narrating the man’s good deed immediately went viral, earning him recognition from Grab Philippines. But his family will later find out that it will not be his last feature on the news. On October 26, 2017, news broke out that Gerardo was killed by robbers who pretended to be passengers. A witness heard gunshots around 7:50 p.m. Gerardo’s lifeless body was left in silver Toyota Innova. The suspect fled the crime scene using the driver’s vehicle. Authorities initially saw Carnapping as the motive of the crime. Grab Philippines gave a $2000 reward to anyone who might hold any information about the suspect. The suspect turned himself into the police five days after the incident.

Randolph Tolk

Randolph Tolk in his Toyota Camry was cruising on the 11th Avenue of New York when he heard someone hitting his car. The driver gets out of the car to check who it was when an angry pedestrian was already yelling at him. According to the investigators, the scene took place outside Chelse Piers on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

Kohji Kosugi is facing a manslaughter charge with a bail of $500,000 after the death of Randolph Tolk

The angry pedestrian named Kohji Kosugi struck the 68-year old driver with a hockey stick in the head. The attack forced the man to the ground while the suspect fled the area. Tolk got back to his car but it will be his last time. He made it about 10 blocks down the West Side Highway to Horatio Street – before he crashed into a road divider and died.

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There are already many incidents where drivers are being harassed by passengers. Some are emotional outbursts while some intend to kill. A group of eight passengers attacked a Lyft driver after she told them that the vehicle can only carry six people. The passengers spit on the driver’s hair and blow their noses on the seat cover. When the car arrived at the destination, Young (passenger) tried to cough on Jennings (driver) and then physically attacked her. Young was arrested and charged with battery on May 3. She was released on $500 bond, according to police records.

There is really no safe way in commuting. People with a motivation to kill and harm others will try to find ways to do what they please. Criminals, too, get upgrades on how to rob and steal. Instead of hailing taxis, they now book rides with drivers.

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