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Some People Found a New Way to Make Money Off of Meghan Markle’s Name and It’s Totally Unfair

From being a supporting actress on the small screen to sudden international stardom as a member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle has definitely come a long way. And a lot of people have hitched their wagons to the 38-year-old Duchess’ rising star.

eBay Memorabilia

The British Vogue September cover Markle guest-edited for

A known fashion aficionado, the Duchess of Sussex recently put her skills to the test when she worked on a special issue of British Vogue which hit the stands in early August. The latest issue is called ‘Forces for Change’ and featured 15 inspiring women on its cover. Inside, it also has an exclusive interview of Markle herself and Michelle Obama, bestselling author and former first lady of the United States.

The issue and its success are definitely a win for Markle and the fashion magazine. But it seems like people have found a way to also cash in on this. As Insider reports, some people have taken to the online selling platform eBay to flip copies of the Vogue issue for hiked up prices. While the magazine was only sold for £3.99 ($5) in the United Kingdom, resellers are listing copies of it online for as much as £31.66 ($38.48).

Copying Accusations

Adams (left) is a global influencer while Brett is a television journalist working in Australia

But amidst all the praise and positive feedback the issue got, Markle also faced some criticism from the public. Apparently, some people are accusing the Duchess of copying the cover’s design and even the issue’s name from a book called ‘The Game Changers’.

Published in 2016, the book actually features Markle on the cover along with portraits of other successful women. Inside, it contains essays written by the same women collected and compiled by its editors Samantha Brett and Steph Adams.

Responding to the issue at hand, Brett expressed that she finds it flattering that Markle liked their book’s concept and said that she’s a fan of the Duchess, too. However, the reporter still admitted that it’d be disappointing if people’s copying accusations towards Markle ended up being true.

At the same time though, Brett hoped that Vogue and the royal would give the issue’s proceeds to a charitable cause similar to what she did with the proceeds of the coffee table book she and Markle worked on just a few years ago.

Clarifying Things

Photography for the January 1990 issue was attributed to Lindbergh

Meanwhile, a representative from the fashion magazine defended Markle and revealed that British Vogue’s September 2019 special cover was actually inspired by its January 1990 cover which has a somewhat similar design and black-and-white theme. What more, they also said that the idea for the cover came from Edward Enninful, who’s the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

The aforementioned 1990 cover featured supermodels: Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista on its cover. Photographer Peter Lindbergh worked on the issue as well as the one Markle recently worked on.

Find out more about the money-making scheme by clicking on the link below.

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