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Meghan Markle Left to the Media Wolves When Pregnant- Now She Bares Her Teeth In Court

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has recently popularized herself as an upholder of equality and justice. Now she has spurred to action along with Prince Harry on Wednesday, 1st July 2020, to file a lawsuit against the tabloids that have been known to breach their privacy, making false claims against the American actress turned British royalty, to defame her in public.

Previously, the duchess was prohibited from defending herself by the British Royal Institution. But, the recent cut off from the Royal Family has broken off all the chains that once bound her from voicing the issues she faced during her pregnancy with the social heir, Archie, including criticism and snarky comments.

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Meghan, 38 stated in conversation over the lawsuit that they will not interact in any form with the reporters of the following news producers: The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Express and The Mirror— because the couple considers these agencies liable of news manipulation which has destroyed the lives of many innocent victims.

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REUTERS  | Meghan Markle is up and armed to make the British media pay for their actions

The immediate case under scrutiny was about the encroachment of The Daily Mail on Duchess of Sussex’s private correspondence with her father, Thomas Markle. Representatives of Harry and Meghan revealed that Daily Mail is known to have divulged the details of a private letter passed on from Meghan in the role of a daughter to her father three months after her royal wedding.

The preliminary hearing on the issue which was conducted in April 2020, was attended by Meghan and Harry from their residence in Los Angeles. This act of piracy was not only unethical but also deemed illegal from the perspective of the UK’s laws surrounding infringement of copyrights and data piracy.

The tabloid also published images of the letter with Markle’s handwriting displayed in the world. This was an extension to the abuse she was already suffering from British media, where they were known to make occasional derogatory remarks against her race and color. Despite becoming a vital member of the royal family and leaving her acting career in the lynch to endorse royal rules and obligations, she was often treated as an outsider and foreigner, and the media lacked no role in splurging her decency and boldness.

Meghan’s close friends disclosed to People about the emotional duress that accompanied her in her royal position and how they were increasingly worried about her mental health during her first pregnancy. Later, in conversation with Meghan, she declared that her friends had not checked with her before corresponding with the People magazine. However, she did not deny her friends’ claims

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The full trial hearing is expected to be conducted in late 2020 and early 2021. This court hearing may act as the start of a revolution where media will be held responsible for unrequited character assassination and misreporting of facts while infringing on the privacy of innocent citizens of the United Kingdom.

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