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Lizzo Blasted This Postmates Delivery Woman on Social Media, Now the Singer Is Getting Sued

The internet is filled with strange stories about their experiences of receiving food deliveries.

Those who are lazy enough to go to the store or cook meals all have something to add to the long list of this type of tale.

Recently, singer Lizzo also had something to say about what happened to her after she ordered food – except that she didn’t receive it. Now, the delivery person is suing her.

Lizzo’s Side

Food delivery is common nowadays

Let’s backtrack to understand what really happened. Back in September, the 31-year-old artist, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, ordered food at Luke’s Lobster and a Postmates delivery person was supposed to pick it up and bring it to Revere Hotel, where she was then staying at. Lizzo never got the food and decided to vent her anger on Twitter for all her followers to see.

Lizzo wanted the food to be delivered at the Revere Hotel.

In her post, she called the attention of the delivery company and accused one of its staff members, Tiffany Wells, of stealing her order because it never arrived.

Worse, the Truth Hurts singer accompanied the harsh tweet with a photo of the woman. In another message, Lizzo narrated how the woman just came inside the hotel and tagged the order as delivered.

The delivery woman, with the food still with her, walked out of the Boston hotel, the celebrity continued.

Lizzo further revealed that she and Postmates couldn’t reach Tiffany by her phone. After which, throngs of tweets supporting the singer flooded the comment section, others threw scathing words against the employee in question, while some even threatened to hurt her.

Apologizing for Her Actions

Seemingly getting a hint that she went overboard with her tweet, the entertainer deleted the tweet, but not fast enough to spare the mystery woman of the unsolicited harsh statements.

The damage had been done, but the next day, Lizzo took to Twitter again to apologize to Tiffany and said she regretted putting her on blast. She realized how much she had put the accused in danger and said that she would be more responsible in what she says online.


However, the apology won’t be enough for Tiffany, who claimed she already felt the brunt of all that. So, she is suing the singer for intentional infliction of emotional distress and libel and is seeking $75,000 in damages. Her version of the story was quite different from Lizzo’s. As per the lawsuit, the delivery person tried to reach the customer named Bonnie V, the name used by the hitmaker.

So Tiffany went to the hotel with the ordered food, however, no room number was provided. So she asked the receptionist for a certain Bonnie V at the hotel but was told that there was no one staying at the hotel with the name. She did try to contact the customer many times but did not get an answer. Her camp claims she kept on calling the provided number to Postmates for 10 minutes and she also spent 5 minutes outside before she left.

Food delivery services have been common nowadays.

Tiffany, who was described as a private person, was shocked to find out that her name and photo were shared online.

As such she resigned from Postmates in fear that someone may hurt her if they recognized her.

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