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6 Celebrities Who Have Used Their Money, Power & Fame For The Betterment Of Our Society

Celebrities have always played a pivotal role in the betterment of our society. Especially during hard times, celebrities are usually the first-line workers who have stepped forward. Be it during natural hazards, calamities, or any other humanitarian crises, celebrities have always played their part in helping the affected ones. If you look back at the tough days of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can tell that these famous people were there for the commoners, and helped the poor who were the worst hit by the pandemic.

BBC / Whenever a humanitarian crisis occurs, celebrities are always the first-line workers who step forward to help the affected ones.

And they should. After all, they have everything needed during humanitarian crises: Enough money to donate, fame to gather other people, and power to help. Celebrities can either directly donate their own money to eradicate the crisis. Or, they can ask for donations and collect a massive amount since they have wide fame and following. Either way, they can use their power and money (and fame) for good.

This article will look at celebrities who have been out there for us during challenging times. Here are six celebrities who have used everything to help others and improve our society. This could be through money, power, and fame.

Vogue / Human rights activities by celebrities have a special impact because they have enough money, fame, and power.

  1. Shakira

The first celebrity on our list who does whatever it takes for our society’s betterment is the queen singer Shakira. However, education is the foremost sector the Columbian singer focuses on. To equip underprivileged children with primary education, Shakira has founded a non-governmental organization called Pies Descalzos Foundation.

CNN Lifestyle / Through the Pies Descalzos Foundation, Shakira gives underprivileged kids free access to education.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note here that thousands of kids get primary education through her foundation. Recently, Shakira has revealed that she is all set to upgrade the foundation and give access to higher education to the kids. The top-class singer believes that every child has the right to access primary education. According to Shakira, everyone should play a role in equipping underprivileged kids with basic rights like primary education.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Popular Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon owns an NGO called Hello Sunshine. Essentially, the NGO is dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ rights and underprivileged women. Recently, Reese also participated in the controversial Up Movement where she actively spoke about the LGBTQ+ community and women’s rights.

With her passion for a better and equal society, Reese continues to fight all the odds of patriarchy.

3. Beyonce

Top-class singer Beyonce is a women empowerment fighter. Throughout her career, she has all the available platforms to highlight women’s rights and has talked about gender inequality. The elements of women empowerment are also apparent in her songs.

However, in 2005, Beyonce founded an NGO called The Survivor Foundation to help affectees of the 2005 devastating hurricane in Florida. The foundation is still operational and helps the natives of Florida during humanitarian crises.

4. Bono – AIDS Relief in Africa
5. Richard Gere – The Gere Foundation
6. Rihanna – Clara Lionel Foundation

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