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A TikTok Lawyer Gets A Free First-Class Flight “By Reading the Fine Print”

A TikTok Lawyer Gets A Free First-Class Flight “By Reading the Fine Print”

Erika Kullberg, who is a TikTok lawyer and sitting CEO of a law firm called Plug and Law, speaks out about reading the fine print. The emerging entrepreneur shares how life-changing it was for her to discover the fine print. As a social media influencer, Kullberg has over 12 million followers on TikTok. Similarly, she sustains her online presence on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Markus / Pexles / According to a survey, 85% of consumers do not read the terms and conditions and fine prints.

More often than not, we skip the terms and conditions of certain products and services. And the fine print is no exception. We are guilty of aimlessly scrolling through without giving it any attention. Can you believe by scrolling through these terms and conditions, advertisements, and fine prints you are missing a great financial lottery? At least, this turns out to be true for emerging entrepreneur, Erika Kullberg.

Erika Wins Surprising Gifts By Reading Fine Prints

Last week, she shared on TikTok that she has secured a staggering $400 with Apple, a free first-class flight with United Airlines, and a worthwhile discount from Nike. Kullberg shares that it is within the terms and conditions – and fine prints – of United Airlines that if you paid for your first flight with a specific card, your next flight will be free. “So, I read that and I reached out to United Airlines,” Erika asserts. She quotes her email to the airline: “Hey There, I would like to fly with United Airlines for free. And can it be first-class”? Amusing as it sounds. They responded back. Turned out that the emerging entrepreneur was eligible for the free flight – which was of course first-class.

Jason / Pexels / Apart from the flight, Erika has won many cash backs and numberless discounts from top brands like Apple and Nike.

The same scenario happened with Apple and Nike. Erika asserts that she read the fine prints of Nike and it turned out that they have a special discount for lawyers and military veterans. “So I reached out to Nike and asked: Can I get a discount on those shoes. Here are my credentials.” And what next? She got the discount.

Why Read The Fine Prints?

RODNAE / Pexels / Fine prints – terms and conditions – are great ways to know your rights as a consumer.

It should have been obvious yet. Reading the terms and conditions and fine prints has two fundamental reasons, per Erika:

  • You become aware of your right and responsibilities.
  • You get cash backs, coupons, free products, exclusive services, etc.

As you read out the terms and conditions of using a service or product, you become familiar with its know-how. Likewise, you also become aware of your rights. On top of all that, you make certain savings no matter how tiny or massive. These savings could not have been possible if you have not read the terms and conditions and the fine prints.

Essentially, every country has a consumer law that protects the rights of the customers. For example, in Australia, the Australian Consumer Law is a dedicated platform that helps resolve any skirmish between seller and buyer. Generally speaking, these laws are meant to protect the end-users in their essence.

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