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Tips and Tricks to Survive Law School

Imagine this – Your dream to get admission into your desired law school turns into reality. It’s your first day at campus and your very first lecture. You’re brand new in the legal field, all ready to learn those new terminologies. But as your day progresses, all that gold and glitter starts to fade away and all the hype feels more like a sham where you’re just piled with tons of work!


Mikhail Pavstyuk/Unsplash | Surviving law school can be tough, but if you take care of a few things, you can do it well

TBH, that’s probably the case with any field that involves deep learning! And in such a scenario, you really need someone by your side with whom you can complain about the eerie doctrine.

Been there done that? Well, don’t you worry. We’re sure you’ll be absolutely fine and get your hands on the best mentorship you need. And if you’re feeling all stressed and worked up about your time in law school, take a deep breath, sip on that water, and check out these tips that can not just help you survive, but also excel at law school.

Don’t miss out on lectures

There are numerous times when professors share their own experiences in the class. Mind you, this is precious material that you won’t find in books or on the internet. Trust us when we say it, those real-life experiences are no less than an asset in a beginner’s career. You’ll want to hold onto them for sure. 

Always plan your syllabus

It’s a common complaint from most students that there isn’t enough time to prepare an outline or take practice exams. To be fair, that’s absolutely wrong! If you aren’t able to find enough time for such mandatory aspects, that clearly means you’re wasting your time doing other irrelevant activities. Remember, if being a lawyer is your dream profession, the stakes are pretty high; you might very well have to cut down on those leisure activities. 


Scott Graham/Unsplash | Plan your studies and manage your time well, or else you won’t have enough time to prepare for your assessments and lectures

Be well prepared

Keep in mind, this is not an undergraduate school/program. You can’t assemble a paper together one night before the submission date. At least not if you wish to receive a good grade! Impressive legal writing takes a lot of time, research, and a hell lot of editing. So, start working on those LRW assignments ASAP! 

Keep a check on your mental health

We won’t lie, law school can be a full roller-coaster ride. It can be stressful, yet there are ways by which you can manage it all. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, hit the gym, and try cutting down on that caffeine. Taking admission to a law school doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a life outside the dorm room; you can still go out and hang out with your friends, just not that often. Lastly, always try to be in touch with your family and friends. They can bring a ray of sunshine on the toughest and darkest days. 


Kevin Laminto/Unsplash | Law school can be a full roller-coaster ride. So maintain a healthy lifestyle, work hard, and keep in touch with your loved ones to avoid stress

To sum it up

We hope you find these tips helpful and meaningful during your time in law school. If you have any other tips and tricks that worked out for you during your university days, feel free to share it with us and our fellow readers. Till then, keep hustling and work towards your dreams!

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