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The Most Unusual Celeb Gifts & The Stories Behind Them

Buying someone a present is a hard task. Not only do you have to know the other person well enough, but you also have to make sure everything is perfect. For some people, especially celebrities, things get, on the one hand, easier, since their budget is clearly way larger. But things get harder too since the person getting the present would probably have the money to buy anything he or she would want to also, to begin with. So when it comes to celebs and presents, things can get really interesting! Here’s a list of crazy gifts celebrities have given to their friends, loved ones or just their co-workers!

David Beckham Bought Victoria Beckham a Vineyard for Her Birthday

One could only guess that during David Beckham’s time in Real Madrid, he and Victoria developed an interest in wine. He reportedly bought her as a birthday present in 2008 their very own vineyard in Napa Valley. Since the couple is very silent about their possessions, there is no way of knowing the cost of the gift but it must at least be a seven-digit number! They are currently living the family life. During a charity soccer match between the Manchester United ’99 Legends vs. Bayer Munich Legends in 2019, they were seen posing as a family and cheering Beckham on.

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