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The Most Unusual Celeb Gifts & The Stories Behind Them

Buying someone a present is a hard task. Not only do you have to know the other person well enough, but you also have to make sure everything is perfect. For some people, especially celebrities, things get, on the one hand, easier, since their budget is clearly way larger. But things get harder too since the person getting the present would probably have the money to buy anything he or she would want to also, to begin with. So when it comes to celebs and presents, things can get really interesting! Here’s a list of crazy gifts celebrities have given to their friends, loved ones or just their co-workers!

Justin Bieber Rented the Staples Center for a Date with Selena Gomez

Everyone remembers Justin Bieber’s and Selena Gomez’ intense relationship. In September 2011, Justin rented the entire Staples Center in Los Angeles for a Friday night date with Selena Gomez. So he first took her to see her friend Demi Lovato’s concert and then drove her to the empty 20,000-seat stadium for a candlelit dinner. It would cost about $500K if any other person wanted to do such a gesture. However, Justin did it for free, having recently sold out some concerts there. His latest release has been his collaboration with Ed Sheeran for I Don’t Care, which has been released in May 2019. The Biebs got a new bride in 2018 – Hailey Baldwin.

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