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The Scratching In The Walls: Tennessee Family Had No Idea What Shared Their Home With Them

Being a property owner is no walk in the park. There are countless things that can go wrong and when it’s your own place on the line, it’s your job to fix them. Every house has something that needs to be repaired or upgraded. And let’s not forget about the pests that often infest houses in dark places.

Now imagine for a moment that you find out something… something possibly harmful is living in the walls of your home. Not only that, but the house is practically abuzz with thousands of tiny organisms. What would you do? This is exactly what this family from Tennessee had to decide just by removing only a brick from their wall. Keep reading to find out…

The Walls Are Alive!

Right off the bat, we’ll spill that this humble household from Germantown, Tennessee, had a huge problem. A swarm of problems as a matter of fact (pun intended). Its walls provided shelter, not only to the family inside, but to thousands of tiny, flying critters. We’re talking about bees.

If a honeybee hive is healthy, especially during the summer, it can accommodate up to 20,000-50,000 bees. May to June is the peak season of laying eggs for the queen bee, giving birth to around 1,500 a day, which is more than its own body weight. It was already past those months when this family realized things were getting out of hand.

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