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Trump to Hold Accountable If Republicans Lose the Midterm Elections, Paul Ryan Warns

With Trump’s back to back controversies and probes he faces, there’s no doubt that the Republicans are in a tight spot in regards to securing their win for the upcoming midterm 2018 elections. That’s why the GOP leaders are reaching out to the President to start aggressive campaigning this November. However, it seems that President Trump is rejecting the Republicans concerns about losing the House and Senate if he doesn’t do anything about it.

The Midterm Strategy

The Republican lawmaker’s party leader and some of Trump’s personal advisers have expressed their concern about Trump’s indifference on the upcoming midterm elections. The White House Speaker Paul Ryan even noted how the President seems confident the Republicans will still win and dominate the legislation, thus, undermining their political strategy.

The White House speaker also adds the Republican incumbent lawmakers that are in crucial states like Florida, Nevada, and Arizona could lose against the Democratic challengers who are already gaining popularity and political advantage.

Paul Ryan reiterates that the President still did not grasp the magnitude of the problem

Furthermore, he also warns that having a Democratic-controlled Congress may endanger Trump’s presidency. He adds the Democratic lawmakers will not be so lenient with the President if they step into Congress. If the Republicans decided to overlook his scandals, misdeeds, and not even bothering his checks and balances, the Democrats will conduct aggressive investigations against the President, and it could even go as far as impeaching him.

Headed by the House Speaker, the Republicans joined forces together and invited Trump over to dinner to urge him in participating in the upcoming elections and they hope that he won’t forget his central role on in 2018 campaigns.

Since he represents the party, what he does and says will always be linked to the Republican prospects. With him rejecting his confidant advice, it could endanger their one-seat advantage in the Senate. Meanwhile, the White House’s legislative liaison, Marc Short, also used the dinner as an opportunity to convey a stricter assessment and said they’re also losing the GOP House majority. However, Trump remains firmly based on instinct that it isn’t happening.

The said dinner meeting was attended by President Trump, Paul Ryan, Senator Mitch McConnell, majority leader and Republican Kentucky lawmaker.

He just shrugged these grim responses throughout the course of the evening. This political indifference of Trump demonstrates the Republican’s challenges as they push for an intense campaign battle to control the Congress.

Trump’s Future Plans for the Party

Senator John Cornyn of Texas calls for unification so that the Republicans will have a single goal to achieve in the upcoming elections and they can focus their campaign on it

Trump’s personal advisers clarified though that the President will still support and participate in the election campaign. In fact, they claim that the President plans to conduct a week-long fund-raising within the next few months and the amount accumulated will be used to host regular rallies with the Republican candidates starting this Summer Season. However, even with the President’s efforts, there is also an ongoing debate raging in the organization.

The Republican party is confused where to focus their political strategy. Currently, they’re weighing two options; either to increase the House of Representatives so that the Republican lawmakers can stop any impending investigations and impeachment petitions in the future, or to defend the party’s advantage in the Senate majority.

The Future of US Politics

With all these factors brewing within, as well as the party unorganized, do you think the Republicans can still win in midterm 2018 elections? While the Republicans hope they can still reverse their momentum, the Democrats think otherwise. In fact, they are taking advantage of Trump’s current issues and diminishing popularity to gain strong controls in conservative areas like Arizona and Pennsylvania. The public’s support for Democrats and its scrutiny towards the Trump Administration become the party’s crucial motivating tool to gain back their political advantage in the Congress.

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