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NRA on the Hotspot after Enforcing Gun Ban to Protect Mike Pence

In a recent turn of events, guns were banned during Vice President Mike Pence’s gracing of the National Rifle Association that took place on May 4. The reason behind the said ban was to protect the Vice President’s safety.

The ban raised controversy and a lot of criticism towards the Trump administration. With survivors of the Florida Parkland School shooting questioning why the gun group would not accept gun restrictions being put in place to protect children from the recent myriad of school shootings.

NRA Conference in Dallas

Attendees of the NRA Leadership Conference that was held in Dallas were given notice prior to the event that no weapons of any kind, as well as ammunition, would be permitted within the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. The said restrictions were posted on a website pitched to announce the conference. Moreover, the restrictions were poised to be requirements instructed by the Secret Service.

Despite the NRA’s resistance towards gun restrictions in other parts of the country, it was surprising that the NRA issued a ban in its own conference because VP Mike Pence was attending the event

No firearms allowed

In a continuation of their statement, the NRA announced as well that there would be no storage for firearms. However, the knife advocacy group, Knife Rights, provided complimentary storage for knives, as was instructed by the NRA.

Upon the announcement of the ban, teens that survived the Feb 14 shooting spree that took place at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located in Parkland expressed their criticism towards the NRA.

They questioned why the NRA would enforce such strict and fierce rules during the convention, but would not extend the same kind of safety measures and considerations to other areas, especially in those that would safeguard children. One particular tweet by Matt Deitsch, a Parkland student, delivered the severity of the double standards that were being perceived. The Tweet read as follows.

“The NRA wants guns everywhere when it comes to kids”

Criticism towards the ban

Matt was one of the Parkland students that were at the forefront of organizing the March for Our Lives rally that pushed Washington to apply stricter gun laws throughout the country.

For many, the NRA stance for more guns to be added in schools is not feasible considering the officer on standby at the Parkland school failed to pursue the shooter, resulting in the shooter going on a murder spree

However, the NRA’s stand on the current gun crisis is different. It urges for more guns to be in schools by suggesting that teachers be armed. In fact, President Trump is in agreement with the association. Even stating that had a teacher been armed, he could have “shot the hell out of” the gunman that did the shooting at Parkland.

Deadlock on gun crisis solution

Surprisingly, an armed officer that was assigned to the school during the shooting, failed to take action against the shooter and opted to keep his distance.

In a series of protests, another Parkland student, Cameron Kasky, who has now become a gun control activist, attacked the NRA and called it ridiculous.

Parkland students and victims of parents took to Twitter to ridicule the NRA for enforcing a gun ban, but failing to accept restrictions to safeguard the lives of children while in school

In fact, Twitter was abuzz with protests and criticism towards the NRA. One particular tweet of interest was Fred Guttenberg, the father of Jaime Guttenberg, a 14-year-old Parkland victim. He took shots at the NRA, mocking the convention gun ban in Dallas.

“I thought giving everyone a gun was to enhance safety.”

That being said, United States has one of the worst records of student deaths with regard to rogue shooters storming public schools and going on a killing spree.

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