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Macy Gray Encourages Everyone to Wear a “Make Kanye Great Again” Hat

The renowned Grammy-Winning Singer Macy Gray recently posted a photo on Instagram without any captions, but her beloved fans were quick to acknowledge her effort for wearing a “Make Kanye Great Again” hat which reflects what everyone thinks about the notable rapper.

How the Whole Kanye West Controversy Started

When we talk about Kanye, the first thing that enters our mind is a renowned rapper who has suffered and overcome his mental health illness, his close-knit family, as well as his brilliant art. However, Kanye West faces controversy when he recently stated on Twitter how slavery was more of a choice than a form of abuse, sparking the rage of those victims who suffered a horrific experience from the past.

Kanye West was spotted wearing his new and shiny MAGA Hat ( Make America Great Again), which has been Trump’s signature line ever since his presidential campaign

They also lamented the rapper for being insensitive to their feelings and how fast he was to dismiss what happened to them as a fate they chose for themselves. Furthermore, the 40-year old rapper was under fire when he proclaimed his love and support for President Trump.

An Inevitable Confrontation

Lathan added that he was really appalled, disappointed, and unbelievably hurt by what West said. What’s even more painful was the fact that West made a significant impact in his life and morphed something in him, and to think that wasn’t even real, to begin with. He genuinely felt betrayed

Many of West’s loyal fans were hurt and disappointed to see their idol falling down the stray path due to his insensitive comments and narrow-minded perspective. They also feared that maybe, Trump’s promise of glorifying America had brainwashed the rapper’s mind.

Furthermore, an employee of his named Lathan confronted him about the issue and said while West was making music and living the life he dreamed and wanted thanks to the profit he earned by being a creative genius, most people in the society live in fear due to these threats (not to mention the series of terror attacks too) for the rest of their lives.

Kanye and His Family’s Defense

After the fierce criticisms he received online, Kanye responded on Twitter last Tuesday explaining his side. He clarified that of course, he knew that slaves were forced into slavery against their will. However, 400 years have already passed and the world had changed dramatically since then. This type of servitude had long vanished. He emphasized that if you still think you’re inferior compared to the other Americans then you’re still mentally imprisoned by the cruel principle of enslavement.

It now becomes your choice to be enslaved. He encouraged everyone instead to break free from this line of thought. We cannot be enslaved by our own minds for another 400 years. Even his previous statement was an example of his idea and free thought. Unfortunately, he was attacked for presenting his own ideas.

West’s wife Kim Kardashian also posted a Tweet defending her husband. She said that while the media is trying their best to demonize her husband, the harsh comments, bashers, and threats they received in social media are actually the ones scarier. Is it right to threaten someone when her husband was just trying to express himself? It’s certainly unfair. Moreover, these bashers were actually the ones enslaving her husband for lamenting his thoughts and ideas.

Macy Gray Responded to West’ Erratic Tweets

Thousands of fans shared Macy’s Instagram post to express their agreement on the celebrity’s status

Macy Gray, along with other renowned artists like John Legend, commented on West’s tweets and adoration of Trump. They want West to go back as a humble and great person again instead of ranting on Twitter and supporting Trump. Macy said it would be better for West to make a positive impact by using his influence and art to create a better future. for America. Meanwhile. John Legend reminded West not to turn a blind eye to the truth.

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