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Driving Supervisors in the UK will Now be Slapped a £200 Fine if Caught Texting!

With each passing day, new laws are approved and old ones are revised. So it’s no surprise that most people are usually caught off guard when a new law comes into existence. That being said, some laws are beneficial while others are downright stern. All in all, it’s obligatory that citizens of a country be mindful of the laws that govern them.

Motorists in Britain now face a £200 fine if they are found using their mobile phones while in the process of teaching a new learner how to drive

A British affair

Speaking of intriguing laws, Brits will now be slapped with a £200 fine if they are found using their mobile phones while driving. You might be thinking, hmm, there’s nothing wrong with that. Here this, they’ll be penalized if they’re found using their phone while supervising a new driver! Besides the fine, they’ll also be slapped with six penalty points!

So, this is how the law goes. As the supervisor for the learner, you are legally held liable for the car. That means that all laws that apply to the driver APPLY TO you too. Regardless of whether you’re riding shotgun, or in the backseat for that matter!

Therefore, the supervisor cannot fiddle with their mobile phone in any manner while teaching the learner behind the wheel.

Family and Friends not left out

The law applies to both expert driving instructors, as well as family and friends of the learner who conducting the driving lesson.

The steep fines were put in place by the government to deter motorists from using their phones and potentially avoid any serious accidents and loss of life

Basically speaking, the supervisor should conduct the driving session as if they were driving themselves. However, not each and every traffic offense will affect their license.

For example, if the learner becomes overzealous with the gas pedal and breaks the speed limit, that’s on them. Their license will be fined and slapped with penalty points instead of that of the instructor.

Strict policies

Despite this ‘leniency’, British motorists suffer some of the strictest penalties for mobile usage in Europe. In fact, since the fine increase in March 2017, using a mobile phone behind the wheel is financial suicide in the UK.  The country now has the highest fines on European roads. In tandem with Holland. Penalties for smartphone transgressions doubled in 2017, translating to hefty fines for the motorists.

British motorists are now the most heavily fined road users in Europe, following fines that were double in March 2017. The country ranks no.1 together with Holland

Disregarding the law

Despite this, motorists in Britain seem indifferent about the steep fines. In 2017, over 30,000 motorists were recorded on their phones while behind the wheel. With statistics this high, one can only imagine the pressure that millions of UK motorists are facing today.

Alarming statistic

In fact, nearly half (49 percent) of the motorists in the country are susceptible to fines while driving regardless of the dangers it possesses. Particularly as a result of the phone lying next to their lap. That being said, here are a couple of ways to prevent phone usage while driving.

  • Put the phone out of reach- Remember how your mom use to put the jelly jar on the top shelf when you were younger? Same principle. Always place the phone away from arm’s reach. Preferably in the backseat. However, if you’re super tall, you might consider putting the phone in the trunk!
  • Here’s something that might help. If you feel you just need to have your phone right next to you, you might consider installing an app that blocks incoming calls and messages while you’re driving. It will automatically let callers know that you can’t come to the phone at the moment because you’re driving.
  • If you’re using the phone for navigation, then it’s mounted on the dashboard so that it doesn’t take your eyes off the road.

These few tips just might help you save thousands of dollars in fines, automobile damage, and most importantly, save your life!

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