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Royal Bells Are Ringing After The Engagement Announcement Of The Royal Couple

The internet was broken once again as the Royal Family confirmed another Royal Wedding that’s going to happen early next year. Prince Harry of Wales and American actress, Meghan Markle went public a few days back as she was spotted wearing a ring. The couple confirmed their engagement, which brought mixed reactions from the public.

Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announcing to the public their engagement

The Love story

In an interview with CBC News, Prince Harry and Meghan narrated their romantic love story. The two met over a mutual friend who set them up to a blind date. Neither of them expected to find love since they didn’t know anything deep about each other. They got into talking and hit it off on their first meeting. This led to a first date, then the second one, until they both became exclusive. The couple became official in November of last year.

Prince Harry took Meghan on a trip to Botswana for her birthday, and they were photographed boarding the plane. They also admitted that they see each other not more than two weeks despite their schedules. Meghan is holding a steady acting job in America while the Prince is traveling the world for diplomatic responsibilities. But despite the long distance and the busy schedule, both were committed to making their relationship work. And just this November, the two happily in love couple announced their engagement.

The Engagement Ring

The media gives focus on the ring for every celebrity engagements and Meghan’s diamond is already becoming a crowd favorite. The ring is made of a yellow gold band, being Meghan’s favorite and 3 diamond stones. The center stone is a diamond sourced in Botswana, a special place for the couple. It is surrounded by two smaller diamonds that came from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection.

The famous 3-diamond engagement ring

Prince Harry designed the ring himself and he made sure to incorporate the important details of their lives on the design. The ring was created by Queen Elizabeth II’s trusted jeweler, Cleave and Company.

As soon as a picture of the ring surfaced, experts immediately assessed the ring’s worth, and all of them came to a conclusion that the ring is ‘priceless’. This is because of the amount of sentimental value the ring possesses. Having two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection also seals the deal that no one can ever put a price on.

The Wedding

The wedding is already scheduled in May of next year. The new Royal Wedding will be at the St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The chapel holds 800 guests, a far lesser capacity to the Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in 2011.

The Royal Family will pay for the church, reception, flowers, and music, while the security costs and arrangements will be taken from the public’s treasury. The palace has not made an official statement whether Meghan’s family will contribute to the wedding.

The protestant bride-to-be will also be baptized and become a British citizen prior to the wedding, according to the official statement of the Kensington Palace.

The wedding is also a symbol of tolerance of the Royal Family. Meghan is the only biracial fiancée who will marry into the royal family. She is also the second divorcee to enter the family after Wallis Simpson, 81 years ago.

No Princess Title for Meghan

The bride-to-be will not be called Princess Meghan despite being married to the Prince of Wales. The main reason for this is the long history of British protocols. According to the royal rule, people with royal blood are the only ones who are qualified for titles like Princess and Queen.

Meghan and her first husband, Trevor Engelson

Meghan, just like Kate Middleton will not be called Princess for that matter. After marrying Prince Harry, The Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This is also the reason why Diana was not Princess Diana, but Lady Diana Spencer or Diana, Princess of Wales.

But just like other rules, this too had an exception. This was the case of King Philip who just married into the royal family. After his marriage with Queen Elizabeth II, the then-King, George IV anointed him as Duke of Edinburgh, and not Prince Philip. He only became King when Queen Elizabeth accorded him the tile of a Prince in 1947.

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