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Official: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Mavens Sasha Farber and Emma Slater Have Tied The Knot!

They say that love is a wonderful thing. Especially when it’s between two people who are vividly excited about spending the rest of their lives together.

So, you can imagine all the exhilaration that America had when news of Emma Slater and Sasha Farber finally tying the knot rented the air. Heck, it was about time. And folks were pleased to see the lovely ceremony taking place on a Sunday afternoon, at the breathtaking Bella Blanca, Los Angeles, on March 25.

The ceremony took place in Los Angeles, amid a spectacular crowd of guests who had dressed to the nines for the highly anticipated wedding

The event was truly exquisite. In fact, one popular wedding planner (and the head planner of the wedding), Michael Russo, quipped that the spectacle of Emma walking down the aisle while Shasha gazed upon her, was as if time itself had come to a standstill.

The graceful event had its moments of heartfelt emotion in cadence with humor, making it a truly spectacular fest.

Style and Dress

The bride, Emma Slater, 29, adorned two stunning Rivini gowns; the first one being a well-fitting, sheer dress having lace appliques; while the second one being a playfully quaint, almost traditional-like sheath having a long flowing skirt; ideal for the customary dance session between the bride and the groom.

In terms of eccentric dressing, the groom, 33, wasn’t one to be left behind! He donned a tailor-made tuxedo, courtesy of Onik Design; the same designer that he uses for a majority of his ensembles on Dancing with the Stars.

Wedding Accessories

The ceremony was organized and headed by Michael Russo Events. It further featured elegant bridesmaid gowns, intricately crafted by the famous Amsale Bridesmaids.

Onto the hair department, all the particulars were handled by Dean Banowetz, who is the Brand Ambassador and lead stylist of VOLAIRE.

Miss Slater (or should we say Mrs. Now) elegantly ambled down the aisle atop a lovely, custom-made aisle runner spanning 50 feet, and designed by The Original Runner Company. This was specifically done to match the roses that were printed on the wedding invitations. Talk about paying attention to detail.

The bride and groom were looking exquisite as the snapped their first photo at the marvelous Houdini Estate

Onto stationery, everything from the seat cards down to the invites, were hand-painted by the chic Nib and Pixel Company. And who could dare forget the charming flowers delivered by Petals LA, with the bride having an exquisite bouquet of fresh, full pink blooms!

Photo session

After emotionally saying their vows and declaring their love for eternity, the couple posed for their first photos at the palatial-like Houdini Estate; a property that has sentimental value to them. In fact, it is a landmark that they pass every day while taking their dog, Ruby, for a walk.

Some notable guests included Brooks Laich and wife Julianne Hough, Cheryl Burke, and Drew Scott.

Wine and Dine

The guests were treated to generous servings of a wide family menu, encompassing the likes of smoked salmon, pork belly, red caviar, avocado salad, seared ahi tuna, ribeye steak, charcuterie, among other palate-friendly servings.

The cake itself was a unique specimen. Being undecided on what flavor to select, the couple opted to choose 5 savory flavors! Banana layers, vanilla bean, Valrhona chocolate, almond, and carrot. This one-of-a-kind creation was brought to life by Delicious Arts.

A heart-warming conclusion

The first dance shared by the newlyweds was to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. Unfortunately, being that the iconic singer was not able to perform live, he recorded a spellbinding message for the elegant bride.

And for the reception’s enjoyment, Eli’s Band played requests as per the attendees’ requests on the RSVP cards. Not only that, the guests were also awarded an array of scented candles courtesy of Greenleaf, and tequila favors courtesy of Casamigos.

As for the wedding entourage, they received expensive wedding party gifts from the likes of Gigi New York. Tan leather wallets were given to the men while fuchsia clutch handbags were gifted to the bridesmaids.

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